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invoicing software 

Online invoicing software for event venues & restaurants.

MICE allows you to send an invoice for an event or group in just a few clicks, looking just the way you want and making hospitality invoicing a breeze.

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Everything for event and hospitality invoicing.

With MICE billing an event is always just one click away, so you don't have to worry.

  • Supports packaged products with multiple VAT rates.
  • Fully linked to events and reports.
  • Detailed or summarised invoice lines.

Mix VAT products

Support for mix VAT products makes MICE's invoicing software unique and the perfect match for the hospitality industry.

Audit log

The audit log shows the full history of all activities and actions regarding your invoice.

Invoices in UBL

With a UBL file, invoicing and accounting solutions can automatically process your invoices. Great for you and your client.


On top of the complete overview of your events, you can also use reports to keep track of your billed revenue.

Fully integrated

Invoicing is fully integrated in MICE. Create an invoice for an event and add a task, for instance, in one click.

Accounting integrations

We already have quite a few accounting integrations ready to go. Contact us for integration possibilities.

If you make a change in one place, then it's automatically updated everywhere. From proposal to schedules to invoices.


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