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Hey event planner, might this sound familiar?

  Everything is contained within your thoughts!
As an event organiser, you essentially embody three roles in one: the project manager, the creative mind, and the sales representative. There's always the risk of numerous details remaining unshared, leading to the necessity of working extra hours during busy periods.

❌ Holidays are reserved for the season's end.
Cross your fingers that your resistance stays up during the season and you only take a vacation once the peak period is over. After all, who is there to step in your shoes?

❌ Keeping colleagues informed feels like a job in itself
After a change in a quote, you also need to adjust the script, update the schedule, update the kitchen lists, inform your colleagues, and notify your suppliers. You then must hope that no outdated copies are left in circulation...

❌ A love-hate relationship with your text editor.
Drafting quotations in Word is feasible, yet far from perfect. Transferring standard text from one document to another might save time, but it's fraught with the risk of mistakes. And to be frank, integrating your brand identity seamlessly into a Word template is always a struggle.

❌ Now, where was that placed?
Emails, Word documents, phone conversations, scripts, planning memos, meetings with colleagues, and sticky notes all over your desk. No matter your level of organisation, there are times when distinguishing the wood from the trees becomes an overwhelming task.

Bespoke solutions, not additional workload.

Undoubtedly, your aim is to curate a distinctive event tailored to your clients' preferences. However, this doesn't necessitate starting from scratch each time:

  • Streamlined procedures enable you to compile quotations, scripts, and timetables with merely a few clicks.
  • Your venue is accessible (online) around the clock for preliminary explorations, facilitating the receipt of more specific enquiries.
  • All interactions with clients and team members are consolidated within a single dashboard.

Within a few minutes, we can send a digital, personalized quote to our clients

Marleen van der Hoek, team lead sales and production

The new sales paradigm: an online experience.

Bid farewell to the outdated Word documents! It's the moment to enhance the digital presence of your venue. By doing so, you'll gain a competitive edge:

  • Immediately discover the wishes of your clients with a request module on your website.
  • Let your creativity flow and create the most beautiful interactive quotes in your corporate identity.
  • Your clients can sign online immediately or provide comments per section.

These functionalities are tailor-made for you, the event planner:


A comprehensive view of every event you've arranged, sortable by date, capacity, or in a calendar format for easy navigation.

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All information and communication from clients, suppliers, and contacts in one place.

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The capability to assign specific tasks to each event, ensuring your team is aligned and aware of their responsibilities.

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Interactive proposals

Generate attractive, interactive quotations that vividly convey the essence of your venue online, making it easier for clients to envision their event.

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Online RFP tool

Enable potential clients to peruse your offerings on your website and promptly gain insight into what they're looking for, facilitating a smoother planning process.
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Event Dashboard

A central hub for all your event information, providing a quick and comprehensive snapshot of everything you need to know — truly the pulse of your event's planning and execution.

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