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Work smarter with great catering software.

The #1 event planning, CRM and sales software for catering businesses. Get started with smarter catering software for managing your events and bookings today.

Powerful software for caterers.

Ping! You've received a new request for a wedding. You're tasked with everything from arranging tables and chairs to setting up the cake buffet. But before you can get started, you need to prepare a quote. And with so many different suppliers, that’s no small feat...

Does this sound familiar? 
Effortlessly create comprehensive, visually appealing quotes for your clients with MICE. Link clients and suppliers to each task for quick communication and invoicing. Simple as that!

MICE is perfect for your catering business if:

  • You want more targeted inquiries from your website.
  • You desire to create beautiful, clear quotes with just a few clicks that your clients can immediately sign online.
  • You aim to invoice quickly and have your invoices paid online directly.

Available for catering requests day and night.

The most unique feature of our catering software is the RFP tool that allows clients to put together a (request for) proposal by themselves. You prepare your packages and products, clients are able to select exactly what they're looking for in the event. Experience for yourself!

Try our RFP tool

Online RFP tool

With our unique RFP tool on your website you're always available. A client only needs a few minutes to submit a request and you instantly know what they're looking for.

Customer management catering

All communication between you and the client is immediately visible in your back office. Need to follow up? Quickly find your client in the CRM system.

Internal and external locations

Have multiple locations? No problem. Both on- and off-site? We’ve got you covered! You can add specific options per location and change it easily.

Prices and products

Prices and products are changed on the go. You can manage your price levels according to the season you’re in.

Custom is the new standard

All products, combinations, and prices are fully customizable to your client's needs. So custom offers can be made with a few simple clicks.

Updating proposals

Clients tend to change their mind. With MICE that’s no big deal. Quickly adjust the proposal and send a new one. We’ll keep all documents up-to-date.

The software is very user-friendly. Before we went on holiday, we explained how it works in a single afternoon.

Kiki & Marie-José, Wijnstra Catering

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Material and budget calculations built for catering.

Specifically for catering companies, we've developed a system for material and budget calculations, saving loads of time and offers a complete overview.

  • Generate pack & prep sheets with the catering software. Everything is prepared and everyone is up-to-date.
  • Accurate cost price calculations to calculate the gross margin and cost price of your catering job accurately, a must for catering companies.

A versatile online agenda for your catering service.

Every assignment you get shows up in the calendar, making it easy to see when you’re on a job and when you’re free to schedule your incoming bookings. The calendar not only shows when but also where you’re booked, and administrators see the status of every application and can quickly accept them.

Automated worksheet and schedule for catering.

MICE saves time on proposals, but also on operational documents. Worksheets, schedules and other documents for your catering event can be automatically generated with the click of a button.

  • Generate a schedule for events in a flash.
  • Worksheets, kitchen lists and prep lists fully configurable to your own preference.

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The best catering software has a lot to offer.

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