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MICE Operations is the best tool for your sales and planning, handcrafted for caterers.

✓ Get the information you need, when you need it
✓ Helps to save time and earn money
✓ Increased satisfaction rates for all your clients

We’ll help you with the paperwork so you can get back to doing what you do best: putting smiles on the faces of the people Instagramming your food.

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Simplify bookings, sales, proposals, and your life.

Put MICE Operations to work with these solutions:

Handle catering requests online

Why you need MICE Operations? Online proposals, that’s why! The most significant feature (and your new sales booster) in our tool is the RFP bookingengine, where clients can compose their perfect event in a matter of minutes. You add everything you have to offer, and they’ll pick just the thing they need. With MICE Operations it’s all done in an instant, and you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without it. 

See how it works:

Check out our bookingengine!

Built by caterers

With our years of experience in catering and a sharp eye for the tools you need we created something you (and we) always dreamed about. We combined our hands-on mentality with an incredible team of developers and honestly believe built something special. This is where a love for the catering industry and passion for technology find each other.

That’s why MICE Operations is the right tool for caterers and event planners.

Online application tool

Using our online booking tool means you’re one step ahead of the competition. Your clients need only minutes to see all the great things you offer whereas your competition will get back to her ‘within 3 to 4 business days’. Get ahead of the game with our E-ventplanner, the easiest way to know your client's needs and budget.

Customer management for catering

All communication between you and the client is immediately visible in your back office. This way the event your planning is always up-to-date. Need to follow up? Quickly find your client in the CRM system.

In- and external locations

Have multiple locations? No problem. Both on- and off-sight? We’ve got you covered! You can add specific options per location and change it easily.

Prices and products

Prices and products are changed on the go. You can manage your price levels according to the season you’re in.

Custom is the new standard

All products, combinations, and prices are fully customizable to your client's needs. So custom offers can be made with a few simple clicks, and the quotation is good to go in no time.

Clients changing their mind? No problem!

Clients tend to change their mind. With MICE Operations that’s no big deal. Quickly adjust the proposal and send a new one. We’ll keep all documents up-to-date.

A caterer’s online calendar

Every assignment you get shows up in the calendar, making it easy to see when you’re on a job and when you’re free to schedule your incoming bookings. The calendar not only shows when but also where you’re booked, and administrators see the status of every application and can quickly accept them.

Materials and budgets for catering

We’ve made it easy to keep track of budgets and materials because we know how important that is. 

Generate automatic supplies lists 
Our software creates supplies lists for you so everyone know what needs to be done. You can check them online in MICE Operations or download them in Word.

Accurately calculate costs
This powerful tool accurately calculates the cost price for all your catering events so you can keep a tight watch on your budgets. A must for caterers.

Automatic worksheets for catering
Download worksheets from MICE Operations automatically with the push of a button.

Auto create for catering schedules

Schedules can be a pain in the...somewhere. So what if you could find a tool that automatically creates a schedule with a timeline, locations, products, and breaks according to your client's wishes? You’re going to have to find out because MICE Operations delivers and is going to save you some serious time. 

You can check the schedules in multiple ways:


Both the schedule and the worksheets can be downloaded and printed.

See it in the iPhone app

Yes, we’ve got an app. So you can check your information anytime and everywhere.

Check it online

And of course, you can check MICE Operations from anywhere you have a working internet connection

Automate quotation process

MICE Operations creates and calculates your quotation, work list and scenario completely automatically:

Increase online bookings

Stop sending the same proposals and start giving people exactly what they want with our E-ventplanner. Your clients can easily see everything you have to offer and book their perfect event. After they’ve booked online you know exactly what they want so you’re going to make one heck of a first impression.

Available everywhere

As a caterer, you’re on the road a lot. That’s why it’s important to have your proposals online, so clients can see it even when you’re racing from one event to the next. MICE Operations is entirely in the cloud, and so it can be opened from any location in the world. Need a heads up even quicker? Check our iPhone app.

Simple communication

Every minute there’s a new email to be answered, or so it seems. With MICE Operations we’ll get you back in the flow and make communication real simple.

Work according to the season

Life changes and so do the seasons. With MICE Operations you can quickly change the products you offer with seasonal extra’s.

We get a lot more signed quotes back, because customers get answers faster than ever.

Roel Oude Avenhuis,

Simplify bookings, sales, proposals, and your life.

Put MICE Operations to work with these solutions:

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