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MICE Operations is the software for sales and planning for catering. MICE Operations saves time, reduces communication errors and increases client satisfaction. So you can spend more time with your guests.

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Catering clients request a quote on your website

Perhaps the biggest feature of our catering software is that the customer compiles his own quotation online. You put all your products and arrangements in the system, organize them and put them in a funnel. Based on the needs of the customer, he gets online, and makes a quotation himself. As he moves forward in the quotation process, he will see more and more specifically all possible options (on photos) based on his previous choices. You can directly upsell based on the customer's needs.

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Built because we know the catering industry

So we understand you. With our years of experience in the catering industry, we understand the problems. With those problems we went to tech-boys and we started a company together. The combination of work in practice and tech idioms makes MICE the solution for catering companies.

Catering reservation system online agenda

All quotation requests are received in your online agenda. You can sell your products without a location, you can choose to assign the customer to a location, or the customer can choose himself. The agenda then shows on which day and where you have a catering. As an administrator, you can place applications 'in option' and 'confirm'. In your overview you also see if there is something in option and whether or not there is space available.

Reservation system catering:

Different locations

You can also assign different products for each other location. Different offerings, other prices, other numbers of guests (per product) etc.

CRM for catering

All e-mail communication with the customer automatically comes to their event in the MICE agenda. So you always have everything organized in one place. Do you want to follow up the customer? Put a reminder in the system so that you know for certain that it happened.

Pricing and products

Prices and products are easy to adjust. You can therefore respond to the price and the season in real time.

Custom quotes is now standard

All products, combinations and prices are customizable. It is now possible to offer custom work with just a few clicks of the button. The offer will roll out within a minute.

Online estimate tool

The application module ensures that you are more accessible than your competitor, a client has made an estimate within a few minutes, and you know exactly what the client wants.

Change as you go

The demand often changes in the quotation process. This is now easily adaptable within a few minutes.

Operational module important for catering

For the catering industry we recommend to add the operational module (see pricing). This has several reasons: 

Automatically generate Pak & MEP lists with the software 

Because of this you forget nothing and there is clarity for everyone. The lists can be downloaded in Word, which can be viewed in the software. 

Accurate cost calculation 

With this module it is possible to automatically calculate the cost of your catering, a must for catering companies.

Automatic made work list catering

Within MICE you can download automatic mad work lists based on the quotation. How does this work? You set a description for each product in the quotation. The customer goes online, compiles his own quotation, and ultimately agrees with your offer. Based on this, MICE knows  1. How many people are on a product and 2. The worklist descriptions of that product. MICE automatically converts this mix into a useful worklist for your event.

Automatic made scenario for catering

The times of the event are also determined directly with the quotation request. So in the quote are the times, locations, products, pause's, you name it. The catering software can therefore create a work list based on this information. Within MICE this is done with one push of a button.

How can you export within MICE Operations:

Export in Word

Both the work list and the script can be exported in a word document within MICE.

View directly in the app

With the MICE app you can always view the work lists and scenarios in real time, everywhere. You can also assign events to employees, who then only see the information they have been assigned in their app.

View online

The software runs on the internet. So you can always, everywhere, with a working internet connection see how your catering event stands for.

More online requests

Easily present your products and possibilities through the E-ventplanner. Clients can easily design their event and describe their requirements. Using the tool, you are always aware of what they have in mind and budget so it will be easy to offer them the best.

Always and everywhere available

As a caterer you are on the way. It is therefore important that you can always see all information wherever you are. MICE Operations runs in the cloud, so it's open at any location. Do you really have little time? Then there is the iPhone app.

Effective communication

Everyday you have lost a lot of time answering and sending emails and relaying clients to process events. MICE Operations helps you to communicate more easily.

All documents are ready immediately

All information is automatically converted into different documents, such as a work list, schedules or quote. The quotations can be completely personalized with your own content and corporate identity.

Seasonal products and packages

Easily add new packages and seasonal products.

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You can get a free demo of MICE Operations on skype. We will  show you how the system works, what the benefits are and discuss with you how it could be implemented in your organization. 

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