Catering software

MICE Operations is the software for sales and planning for catering. MICE Operations saves time, reduces communication errors and increases client satisfaction. So you can spend more time with your guests.

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More online requests

Easily present your products and possibilities through the E-ventplanner. Clients can easily design their event and describe their requirements. Using the tool, you are always aware of what they have in mind and budget so it will be easy to offer them the best.

Always and everywhere available

As a caterer you are on the way. It is therefore important that you can always see all information wherever you are. MICE Operations runs in the cloud, so it's open at any location. Do you really have little time? Then there is the iPhone app.

Effective communication

Everyday you have lost a lot of time answering and sending emails and relaying clients to process events. MICE Operations helps you to communicate more easily.

All documents are ready immediately

All information is automatically converted into different documents, such as a work list, schedules or quote. The quotations can be completely personalized with your own content and corporate identity.

Seasonal products and packages

Easily add new packages and seasonal products.

Learn more about the possibilities

You can get a free demo of MICE Operations on skype. We will  show you how the system works, what the benefits are and discuss with you how it could be implemented in your organization. 

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