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cockpit account

Manage multiple venues with a cockpit account.

Access the power of centralized management for multiple venues or organizations through the MICE Operations Cockpit Account. Streamline your operations, gain insights, and enhance control.

Centralized yet decentralized

Centralized venue management.

Whether you oversee multiple branches under the same name or diverse venues, the cockpit account is your key to seamless management. With linked accounts, you can effortlessly:

  • View schedules and occupancy for individual locations or all at once.
  • Access a comprehensive event archive spanning multiple branches.
  • Monitor inquiries via the application inbox.
  • Easily switch between accounts using the search function for quick event retrieval.
Discover how Meetables utilizes their cockpit account 

Control per location.

  • Unique user access management for each location.
  • Easy switching between accounts for efficient multitasking.
  • Customize room offerings and cater to client preferences for each venue.

How can I communicate with clients and team members using this account?

The Cockpit Account includes an application inbox, simplifying communication with clients and team members. You can efficiently handle inquiries and requests.

Is there a way to access past event information?

Absolutely! You can access an archive of past events for reference and historical data analysis, making it easier to plan for future events.

Can I view occupancy and planning for all venues at once?

Yes, you can. The Cockpit Account provides a comprehensive view of occupancy and planning across all locations, helping you make informed decisions and optimize your operations.

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