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Reports to keep you informed and on track.

Always have the right information to boost efficiency and
optimize profits. Reports provides deep insights, allowing you to effectively manage and track key performance metrics for better strategic decision-making.

Auto-generate reports

Revenue report

Per guest average

See the average spending per guest.

Margin calculation

Analyze the profitability of different revenue streams.

VAT reports

Understand the value-added tax involved in your revenue.

Invoice management.

Payment status & automated reminders: Keep track of invoice payments and set up automatic reminders for pending payments.

Sales report

Open deals

Track ongoing sales negotiations.

Confirmed deals

Overview of finalized sales.

Cancelled deals

Insights into the reasons for cancellations, helping in future strategy planning.

Stay updated – anytime, anywhere.

All your data, metrics, and reports are available in one place, accessible whenever and wherever you need them, without the hassle of spreadsheets or calculators.

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