Workflows & automations

Do more with less work, setup workflows once and benefit for years.
If this, then that

Some workflow examples that MICE customers use.

  • Follow up workflow: Trigger an automated task 2 weeks after the estimate was sent to give the client a follow-up call.
  • Event completion notification workflow: When the event is completed, a message is sent to the administration to finalize the invoice.
  • Prospect engagement workflow: One week after an event has been put on hold, email the prospect.
  • Order placement workflow: The chef can place orders once the event is confirmed.

If this, then that

Automate task creation and internal notifications with MICE Workflows as event statuses change or tasks are moved.


Tailor workflows to your specific event requirements.

Free headspace

Get the mental space to focus on what truly matters. Workflows initiate tasks and notifications automatically.

How can workflows benefit event planners?

It offers several benefits, including time savings, reduced manual efforts, improved task coordination, and enhanced communication within the event planning team.

Are workflows suitable for both small and large events?

Absolutely! Workflows are versatile and can be applied to events of all sizes, from small gatherings to large-scale conferences.

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