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Start selling smarter and earn more by giving the right recommendations at the right time. Our widget helps you increase revenue without you lifting a finger.

Always available for requests

MICE Operations is there 24/7. Customers can see what you have to offer, even in the middle of the night. You’ll never miss a single request again.

Sell more with automated upsells

Because your clients can easily see the costs of an extra hour or another snack, they can build their dream event, helping you sell more.

The perfect quote request in five simple steps.

MICE works for you day and night and always asks the right questions. This way you secure more deals and save (a lot of) time.

Event details

Visitors select the type of event, such as a meeting, and the number of guests, with an optional date. This step ensures you have all the necessary information to showcase the right offerings.

Only the event type and guest count are mandatory, reducing barriers for clients still in the exploration phase.

Venue selection (optional)

Visitors choose their preferred venue location. If venue rental fees apply, they are automatically included in the next step.

You can decide whether to make this step mandatory, optional, or hidden based on your setup.

Package selection

The visitor selects a package suitable for the event type, number of guests, and chosen location. Subsequently, an appropriate event timeline is automatically suggested.

Event timeline

Visitors are presented with a timeline that aligns with their preferences. They can freely add suggestions or adjust timings.

You have control over whether to display prices, allow time adjustments, and what suggestions to offer.

Contact information

Finally, visitors input their contact details. You determine how much or how little information is needed for the RFP tool to perform optimally.


Proposal requested!

That's all a visitor needs to do to request a proposal. And you receive the perfect proposal request in your inbox, as all the necessary questions have been asked.

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A planner's dream: MICE RFP tool, planning dashboard & digital proposals.

The combination of the RFP tool, event dashboard, and digital proposals,  creates a powerful synergy. Upon receiving a request, you can quickly modify it in the dashboard, and with just another click, swiftly send an estimate to the client who used the RFP tool. Hours of work are now reduced to minutes.

Know your client's needs before you ever meet.

With the online event booking system on your website, your client knows what you have to offer and you know what the client is looking for. You're already two steps ahead of the competition, right there.

Try for yourself

We have more efficient interactions with the client; we don't have to convince them anymore. MICE has had a mega impact on staff expense.

Ruben Maduro, Spirited Union Distillery

Sell more with relevant recommendations.

Using the online event request for proposal (RFP) widget, your client knows what you have to offer from the start. And with relevant recommendations you'll make it even easier to add a little bit more.

One-click proposals: from request to quote in moments.

In the admin dashboard, magic unfolds as you view client requests. With just a single click, our system crafts a customized estimate, meticulously tailored to each client's specific needs. This personalized quote, reflecting their unique event requirements, is swiftly delivered to their inbox.

Did you know our platform sent tens of thousands of estimates last year, achieving a 20% higher acceptance rate than traditional methods?

Explore the possibilities of MICE.

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Does the RFP module work on every device?

Yes, the request module is designed to work on every device, ensuring accessibility and convenience for users regardless of the device they are using.

Can I measure conversions?

Yes, you can measure conversions using Google Tag Manager. This tool provides all the necessary options for effectively tracking and analyzing your conversion metrics.

Can I customize the request module to match my brand's style?

Yes, you can customize the request module to align with your brand's style.

How does the installation of the RFP on my website work?

After your account has been set up and your event RFP tool has been configured, your widget is on your website in no time. Do you have a WordPress site? We've made it even easier to get started with our WordPress plugin.

Are customer data processed securely?

Yes, security is our top priority. All customer data are processed securely, and everything is transmitted through a secured SSL connection.

Do I have to use the RFP module?

The RFP module is optional. Venues can choose whether to integrate it into their website. Without it, you still enjoy all other MICE event planning benefits.

Start planning events smarter today.

MICE Operations is free to try for 14 days in your own account. Within a few minutes you'll be ready to create your first proposal or try out your own booking widget.

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