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All-in-one software for conferences of all sizes.

MICE is your secret weapon to keep you organized! Our venue planning software automates your processes, saves you time and boosts your revenues. Easily manage event schedules, room bookings, proposals and catering within a single, intuitive interface.

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Boost efficiency in your conference center 

Online RFP tool

Simplify your communication with potential clients and save time while winning more bookings.

Automated documents

With real-time updates across all documents, every colleague is always up-to-date with the latest information.

Task-driven event planning

Automate your tasks, assign colleagues and enhance the productivity of your workflow.

Know exactly when your conference rooms are booked.

Add all your conference halls and other spaces to the venue management planning board. This centralized platform provides a clear overview of your schedule, showing you which rooms are occupied for the upcoming week and what needs to be prepared for each event.

Immediate insight into your clients’ preferences.

With the RFP tool on your website, MICE is available 24/7 for your clients to easily customize their event down to the detail. With various upsell opportunities, like additional catering options or extended room rentals, you can maximize your revenue for all your events.

Send a tailored quote to your guest within minutes.

After filling out the RFP form, specifying your guests’ wants and needs, our management software generates a detailed quote tailored to their specific needs. This:

  • Eliminates time-consuming manual calculations.

  • Allows you to present your clients a professional and personalized proposal within seconds.

  • Increases your chances of securing the booking.

We can manage everything from a single system. For example, kitchen lists or orders for an external party can all be handled within the system.

Wendy Verheul

Venue advisor at Meetables

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