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Impress at first sight: next-level interactive proposals.

Your customers should feel like each proposal was crafted specifically for them. Move beyond one-size-fits-all estimates and start creating hyper-personalized proposals in just minutes.

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A proposal in 1 minute

Quotation templates give you a huge head start. Generate a quotation for an event in just minutes instead of hours, edit and send the proposal to your client.

Sign & accept

You receive signed proposals faster than every thanks to online signing. And your planning is instantly updated after the proposal has been accepted.

Videos, slideshows & galleries

With eProposals you make the best first impression every time. Add videos, slideshows and galleries to present your company or venue at its best.

With nine out of ten groups, I can send a proposal and schedule within a couple of minutes. That is such a relief.


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Beautiful proposals created in a matter of minutes.

With MICE's powerful quotation software you create beautiful, personalised proposals that look amazing on any device.

  • Create beautiful proposals matching your own identity and style.
  • Add pages with your venue presentation, terms and conditions or details about the event.
  • Make the best first impression with videos, slideshows and galleries.

No more communication hassle with digital sign & accept.

Proposals get returned way faster if clients can do it easily online. With our eProposals this is as easy as it gets and you'll get instantly notified when the proposal is accepted.

Sending invoices with just a single click.

Turn your proposal into an invoice with just a single click. Invoice the full amount at once or split your proposal into multiple invoices. That makes sales and administration a breeze.

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What are the advantages of an online proposal?

The advantages of an online proposal include convenience, speed, and the ability to integrate interactive elements like videos and links, making them more engaging than traditional proposals. Online proposals can be easily updated, tracked for client interaction, and are environmentally friendly.

Can I also get a PDF?

Yes, in every online environment is an easy download button to export the proposal to Pdf.

Explore the possibilities of MICE proposal software.

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