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With MICE, Timboektoe sends quotations within a few minutes.

  • ClientTimboektoe
  • LocationWijk aan Zee, NL
  • Company typeStrand venue

Timboektoe is a beach venue in Wijk aan Zee. It has been in existence for 23 years and, in addition to a main pavilion, it has had a special event pavilion for four years, where events up to two hundred people can be organized. From weddings and birthday parties to company parties and meetings.

Before Timboektoe used MICE, all quotations and appointments were put in Excel. This was then copied in Word and sent to the client as pdf. With every small change we then had to change the entire document and send it again. This went fine when it was still quiet, but when we received more requests it was really impossible to do. We spent so much time working out all those little documents that we started looking for a system that would do that for us. Then we started with MICE.

"With nine out of ten groups, I can send out an offer and a playbook in just a few minutes. That really is a relief, because it took a very long time to do so".


“We chose MICE because it looks smooth and doesn't have too many bells and whistles in it. The best thing about MICE is the simplicity with which you can make quotations. If you have your products and arrangements right in the back office, it's very easy to send out a quotation. With nine out of ten groups, I can send out a quotation and a playbook within a few minutes. That's really a relief, because it took a very long time.”

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