The long way to the top just got a lot shorter, with automated event management.

Simplify your business with MICE
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✓ Increase the number of requests from your website
✓ Save time on quotes, scenarios, and worklists
✓ Everyone is up-to-date, always.

Simplify bookings, sales, proposals, and your life.

Let MICE Operations do the work for you, with:

Sell more, save more.

Do what you're good at and let MICE Operations do the rest.

Online booking for your customers

Let your sales take care of itself with our easy-to-use online request form. Your customers can start to really use your website; directly planning their events, see what you have to offer and request the perfect proposal they can sign online. Also, upselling becomes a breeze with our automated recommendations.

Instant documents

From proposals and checklists to perfect planning for all your events; MICE Operations makes updating everything hassle-free. Every change you make gets updated automatically in all the documents linked to that event. Customize these documents to fit your style or your mood. It’s your choice.

Digital quotes signed directly

You always want to look sharp, so why send out sub-standard proposals? Use our templates to always look your best, on- and offline. Use them time after time to win proposals, but not lose time.

Increase turnover per guest

Due to increased insight into your clients’ budget and wishes you know which buttons to push to get more out of every project. MICE Operations helps you by suggesting better products to your clients during the online booking process.

All information in one place

Our event dashboard is the beating heart of your event planning. Through it, you see whatever needs to be done, and what is happening so, you are always on top. Every change gets logged, and nothing gets lost.

Scheduled messages

Your personal attention is what makes your business special and what makes the hospitality industry the friendliest business around, but if every confirmation is exactly the same than using our scheduled messages instead of handcrafted notes means you can focus on what truly matters.