More online requests, 24/7

By using the E-ventplanner, clients can easily create their own event 24/7. Because the client is guided through the process, everyone can request an event.

More revenue per guest

After an event request you have more insight into the client's budget and requirements. During the application and planning process, various up-selling suggestions are offered to expand their event.

Packages and custom events

Whether you work with packages or custom events. With the flexibility of the MICE Operations you can plan all types of events.

Direct communication

The client can look into his event online, communicate directly and make small adjustments. With the messenger, which also allows documents and photos to be sent, all information is collected in a single place. 

Any document within seconds

All information is automatically converted into different documents, such as a worksheets, event scripts or quotations. The quotations can be completely personalized with personal event content and corporate identity.

All information in one place

All adjustments are immediately implemented into the planning, scripts and reports. Everybody involved is automatically notified by notifications.

Stressless event planning

You can spend your time better than planning and writing estimates for hours. Your life as an event planner is busy enough.

That's why MICE Operations helps with your time-consuming administrative processes and gives you complete control. This way you have all the time for your guests without worrying about paperwork.

Our starting points

MICE Operations did not match 1 in 1 in our company, but Dennis's empathy enabled him to translate and automated our company for 95%. Clients are very satisfied and our conversion has gone up by the easy to use E-ventplanner on our website.

MICE Operations jumps into need where event venue and clients miss each other. By creating an online platform where planning an event for both parties is easier and more pleasant, MICE Operations; the solution for better communication.

Manage your event location easily, communicate directly with your customers, and inform your employees about the event in one clear and interactive platform. That's what MICE Operations offers its clients.

Trusted by event, catering and meeting organisations

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