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Venue management software

Powerful venue management software.
For all event venues 

Venue management software.

In one week, there's a significant event. Everything is set: scripts printed, colleagues informed, orders made. Then, the client calls: a last-minute change to the guest list...

Sound familiar?
How convenient would it be if you only needed to make a change once and everyone had access to the latest information? No more hassle with outdated scripts, but everything always up to date. This way, you can head home today with peace of mind.

Event planning

The all-in-one venue management software solution.

With MICE you don't have to worry about Word documents, emails and finding information in different places. Just one perfect overview of your event venue or congress centre.

  • The perfect overview with a flexible daily planning and capacity charts.
  • All event information in one place with the powerful event dashboard.
  • Creating schedules and worksheets in a matter of seconds.

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Online RFP tool

Available for proposal requests all day and night.

With MICE's online RFP tool, your event venue is always open for business. Clients put together their entire event and you instantly know what they're looking for.

  • Easily added to your website and completely branded.
  • Requesting an event effortlessly on a computer or smartphone.

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Proposals & invoicing

Proposal software developed for event venues.

With digital proposals you're able to effortlessly create the perfect proposal for every event and the competition doesn't stand a chance.

  • Make a great first impression with digital proposals.
  • With flexible quotation templates you'll make and send better proposals in (way) less time.
  • Send partial or full event invoices with a single click of the button.

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After changes have been made, everyone instantly has the latest version. We work so much more efficiently.

Maaike Jongerius, Villa Jongerius

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We know the industry

We have tons of experience working at top event venues and worked out how to make venue management more efficient.

Improved every day

Every day our primary focus is to make MICE Operations the best event planning software in the world.

Always there to help

Being industry professionals ourselves, we know how important it is to be there for our clients when our help is needed.

The best venue management software.

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