Implementations & Onboarding

Implement MICE the way you like, when you like.

Once you've decided to start using MICE, there are three ways to set up your MICE account. Even if you've been using MICE for a while, we're here to help you get the most out of it.

3 different implementations

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Do you want to set up MICE yourself? You can! Find a guide here to help you get started.

If you still have questions you'd like to discuss with one of our consultants, request an online consultation.

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Our implementation specialist will guide you step by step through the setup. You'll receive instructions on how to configure MICE and conclude the process with an online training.

Most popular


You'll receive clear instructions on how to set up MICE but won't have to do it yourself. Just provide the necessary information, and our implementation specialist will take care of the rest. Once the setup is complete, you'll receive an online training to start using MICE on your own.

All prices mentioned are one-time and excl. VAT

Free Optimization Scan

Get the most out of your MICE account with a free optimization scan.

If you've been using MICE for a while and want to see if you can get more out of your account, schedule a free optimization scan with one of our specialists.

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Online Training

Schedule an online training for yourself or your team.

Request an online training. You choose the topics, and our trainer will tailor the training to them. The cost? Only €25 per quarter hour.

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