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Proposal software hotel

Powerful hotel proposal software.
For meetings, conferences and multi-day events

Hotel proposal software.

One week before an important multi-day event. Everything is ready: schedules printed, your colleagues informed, orders placed. Then the client calls: a last-minute change in the schedule...

Sound familiar?
How convenient would it be if you only need to make a change once and everyone always has the latest information? No more hassle with old schedules, but everything always up to date. Your banqueting colleagues will already thank you!

MICE is right for your hotel if:

  • You want to streamline the planning of events, parties, and functions in your hotel.
  • You prefer to focus on the creative aspects of events rather than administrative processes.
  • You want to provide your team, suppliers, and clients with up-to-date information.

Planning software for banqueting teams.

Whether you are hosting a gala, a multi-day conference, or a one-hour meeting, with MICE software, you maintain an overview and provide your guests with an unforgettable experience.

  • The complete overview from flexible day planning and capacity planning.
  • All information in one place thanks to the powerful event dashboard.
  • Schedules created and updated in no time.

Let your guests customize their events.

With the request module on your website, you are always available for inquiries and gain immediate insight into the preferences of your clients or guests.

  • Your guests can browse online 24/7 and easily create their own party, meeting, or business event.
  • Create a customized quote in the style of your venue in a few clicks.
  • Easily add the request module to your own website.

Coming soon: PMS integrations.

Our software can already be integrated with cash register and table reservation systems. Soon, we will also add integration with PMS (property management system). This will make it even easier to link multi-day events to accommodations.

Why do hotels choose MICE?

Online RFP tool

Let your guests choose from your offerings, from simple meetings to multi-day gatherings.

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Interactive proposals

Showcase the ambiance of your hotel with the most beautiful interactive quotes.

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Automated documents

Keep all information up-to-date with automatic documents like worklists and schedules.

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Always have an overview of your rooms, event planning, and occupancy, anytime, anywhere.

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Relationship management

Add all clients and suppliers and link them directly to your quotes. 

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Be quick and attentive to your guests with automatic and scheduled messages.

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