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automated documents

Instant document magic at your fingertips.

Enter your event details once and marvel as we auto-generate tailored quotes, worklists, kitchen lists and more in seconds. Effortless adjustments, automatic updates across all documents – embrace the new standard in event management efficiency.

Forever up-to-date

Hours of work in minutes

Turn lengthy processes into quick, efficient tasks.

Forever up-to-date

Adapt to last-minute changes effortlessly. Our system ensures real-time updates.

Easy to setup

Quick, hassle-free configuration, letting you dive into efficient event management instantly.

Keeping all your event information forever current.

Our platform helps you save hours per day on event management, allowing you to focus on creating memorable events.

  • Automatic updates: Any changes to the event are seamlessly reflected across all documents, ensuring consistent and updated information.
  • Customized document generation: From the event dashboard, select the specific documents you want to auto-generate.

Complete control for creating customized documents.

Our platform adapts to your preferences, allowing you to fine-tune every detail.

  • Complete customization: Configure your worklists exactly how you want them. Choose to display long or short descriptions, show VAT details by product or category, and even include product photos.
  • Set up once, benefit always: Invest minimal time setting up and enjoy the ongoing rewards. Save time consistently and deliver your best work, every time.

Seamless collaboration with colleagues and suppliers.

Enhance teamwork effortlessly with MICE Operations, ensuring everyone is on the same page, always.

  • Real-time updates for all: Every team member accesses the latest version of documents, ensuring everyone is always up-to-date.
  • Track changes with ease: See who made what changes, bringing transparency and accountability to your team's workflow.
  • Efficient supplier management: Store supplier details in MICE and send them the most current, up-to-date documents with just a few clicks.

What kind of documents does MICE generate for me?

MICE generates a variety of event-related documents, including customized quotes, worklists, run sheets, and kitchen lists, tailored to meet the specific needs of your event.

Can I modify documents afterwards?

Yes, you can! MICE allows you to easily modify documents even after generation. Any changes you make are automatically updated across all related documents to maintain consistency.

What happens with last-minute changes?

Last-minute changes are seamlessly integrated. MICE updates all affected documents in real-time, ensuring that every detail is current and accurate, minimizing any potential disruptions.

Can I also share documents with others?

Absolutely! MICE enables you to share documents with colleagues and suppliers directly from the platform, ensuring that everyone involved has access to the latest, most accurate information.

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