Products & packages

Product and packages integration: set up once, use anytime in MICE.
Your products, your style

Products - crafted for lasting impressions.

Our product setup in MICE is designed to captivate your clients from the first glance. By setting up your products once, they become a permanent, impactful part of your portfolio, easily accessible in all documents and listings.

  • Brief and detailed descriptions: Provide both concise overviews and in-depth details for each product.
  • Photos: Enhance your listings with high-quality images to visually represent your products.
  • Multilingual support: Offer product information in multiple languages, catering to a diverse client base.

VAT rate groups

Your countries VAT rates are automatically added in your MICE environment.

Product categories

Add categories like ‘food’, ‘beverage’ and ‘others’ for a clear overview.


Offer product information in multiple languages.

Design unique events with ease: set up packages.

Effortless package creation: Design unique event packages with ease. Customize activities, set pricing, and add specific touches.

Flexible management system: Adapt arrangements to different event types and sizes to offer everyone something unique.

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