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Every event prepared on time with tasks.

Streamlining success: The ultimate tool to task-driven event planning.

To do, doing, done

Set up your task board

Create your own task board with custom stages or use a pre-designed template.

Track progress

Keep your tasks on track by moving them in the right stages. Receive automatic notifications to stay up to date.

Automate efficiency

Automate routine tasks and administrative work to enhance productivity and streamline your workflow.

Stop falling behind.

MICE task management system is designed to keep you on track and organized. With customizable features like task labeling and filtering, along with setting due dates and receiving notifications, you're well-equipped to stay ahead of your tasks without forgetting important details.

Topfunctions of tasks

Task boards

Create as many task boards as you need. Whether you're a small or large organization, you'll always have a clear overview.

Visual overview

Immediately get an overview of all your tasks. Update tasks by dragging them to the correct location.


Collaborate with colleagues on tasks and activities. Share updates on tasks.

Reminders for tasks

Set a due date for each task and receive notifications when the date arrives. This ensures you never fall behind and forget nothing.

Task settings

In each task setting, you can assign a user, set a task date, connect an organization, and add labels for better clarity and organization.

Customizable stages

Customizable stages in your task board enable the flexibility to match your unique workflow and task management needs.


Labels for each task enhance overview and organization, also allowing efficient filtering by specific labels.


Filters at the top of the task bar enable quick sorting by team member, labels, and event name.

Task management

Manage all sales-related tasks in one place.

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