Event dashboard

Your event planning in one place!

Efficiency for planners

Experience streamlined event management with a unified overview that includes event details, customer interactions, and documents. Benefit from time-saving features like pre-loaded venue products, or the option to update multiple documents in a click.

Timeline & activities per time

Transform the complex task of event management into a streamlined, intuitive process.

Time Slots
Add products to timeslots
Instant Overview at a Glance

A planner's dream: planning dashboard, RFP tool and automated documents.

The event dashboard, combined with the RFP tool and automated documents, creates a powerful synergy for planners. Upon receiving a request, instantly modify the request, and with another click, swiftly create automated documents like estimates, worksheets and invoices.

Streamlined event management: quick, unified actions.

  • Pre-loaded products: With your venue's entire product range pre-loaded, updating documents is just a few clicks away.
  • Instant document synchronization: A single entry in the dashboard triggers updates across multiple documents.
  • Synced team collaboration: The dashboard's real-time updates keeps everyone in sync with the most current event details.

Messages and saved templates.

The event dashboard offers a centralized space for messages with clients and team members. Key functionalities include a complete communication history for informed coordination, automatic and scheduled messaging for timely updates, email response integration, and customizable, stored responses for efficient communication.

Automated documents


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Work documents

Event scripts, run sheets and work lists are made with the click of a button.

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create detailed, professional invoices directly from the event dashboard.

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