Quotation system for meeting venues 

Proposal software for meeting venues.

Booking a meeting room is a breeze with the online quotation system from MICE Operations. This increases occupancy rates and reduces the time for each booking.

These meeting locations also rely on MICE.

Increase online sales

You have immediate insight into your guest's preferences with the online request module and you are available 24/7. This way, you sell more with MICE.

Immediate structure

In MICE, you find all information in one place, your colleagues have access anytime, anywhere, and you maintain complete control over your schedule and reservations.

From small to large

Whether you have 1 meeting room or 50 meeting rooms, the online meeting room reservation system is used by small to large organizations.

In the cloud

MICE Operations' online software is accessible anytime, anywhere. Whether you are at home, in the office, or on the go, you have control over your reservations.

Also on your website

We guarantee that the request module of our quotation system also works on your website. This way, you will receive requests via your website in no time. 

Room reservation software makes your work easier.

Finally, you can find all information online in one place, visible to you, your employees, and your guests. With a click of a button, proposals, worklists, and schedules are automatically generated. This is how MICE makes your work easier every day.

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Full insight into the occupancy of your meeting rooms.

Whether you need today's kitchen lists or want to check if a room is available next week, MICE always provides the overview you are looking for with customizable planning overviews.

Update all your documents in one mouse click.

The schedule is the answer to everything. Drag, click, or type directly in the interactive schedule to organize your meeting, and all documents and reports are instantly updated.

All information is entered into the system once and can be found in one place by everyone. We are now working much more efficiently!

Maaike Jongerius, Villa Jongerius

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A CRM specifically for renting meeting rooms.

MICE Operations' CRM is designed for locations like yours to gain more control over scheduling and increase sales. In MICE's CRM software, you will find contact details, interactions, leads, and tasks.

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The reservation system for meeting rooms

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