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Increase your revenue, decrease the workload.

Designing, developing, and realizing custom events often takes a lot of time, which is not necessarily required. With our software, you standardize the operational processes for your event management, without compromising customer experience.

Happy customer, happy you!

Maybe you recognize this?

❌ Customization is difficult to scale
A challenging combination: growing your business and continuing to deliver customization. Ideally, your processes are scalable, but unique events are equally important.

❌ You have (too) little insight
How much do guests spend on average? What are the bestsellers? What should your margins be? Collecting data manually takes time and provides insufficient insight for data-driven decisions.

❌ Employee turnover is a major issue
All knowledge and expertise are in the minds of your people. This makes it difficult to take over tasks in case of illness or vacations and leads to loss of knowledge when an employee leaves.

❌ Your competitor is better organized
It currently takes too much time to respond to inquiries, prepare quotes, and send payment reminders. Sometimes you miss out on revenue because the competition is faster.

❌ Happy hive = happy life
If your team is happy, you are happy too. Keeping your colleagues' workload manageable is therefore one of your priorities. This way, you ensure more business success and a pleasant company culture.

Standard process, from request to invoicing.

Make your event venue scalable with MICE's standard processes.

  • Standard processes for quotes, schedules, plans, and invoicing.
  • Receive requests outside opening hours with the request module on your own website.
  • Trusted by 500+ event venues that use these processes daily.

All I can say is that MICE brings you a lot. Not only in extra sales and how professional everything looks, but also literally in time and therefore in money.

Mickey Dekker, Managing partner Meetables

Today and tomorrow's event planning software.

Our promise to you: MICE gets better every day. Therefore, our system receives major and minor updates several times a year.

  • A roadmap full of innovative developments, from optimizations to completely new features
  • We are always open to feedback and happy to brainstorm with you.
  • Adequate support via chat, email, and our extensive manual. But even without it, you'll be on your way quickly.

These features are designed for you as management:


Improve efficiency and optimize profits based on data.

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Cockpit account

Manage multiple locations in one central account

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Overview of all organized events filtered by day, capacity, or agenda view.

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User roles

Assign the right access to each profile and keep confidential information secure.

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