user roles 

Tailor user acces with role management.

Enhance team efficiency with distinct user roles. Each role, from administrator to viewer, is tailored to fit specific responsibilities, ensuring a seamless and secure event management process.

You're on a role!

Four pre-defined user roles.

MICE offers four user roles, each catering to different organizational needs. These roles can be combined for versatility, such as allowing a planner to handle billing tasks.

  • Administrator: Has access to everything, including system settings and reports.
  • Planner: Focuses on all aspects of event planning.
  • Staff: Limited to viewing specific events and completing tasks.
  • Billing: Specializes in all billing-related activities.

This structure ensures that every team member uses MICE effectively for their specific roles.

Custom access control

Specific permissions for different team roles.

Clear responsibility

Defined roles for clear task distribution.

Security and privacy

Access tailored to role requirements.

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