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Perfect communication. Great events.

MICE keeps track of all communication between you and your client or colleagues, making sure you can be confident that the event is organised just the way it should be.

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Everything in one place

With MICE's full communication history everyone is already up to speed on the latest changes and updates.

Scheduled messages

No one's perfect, but with automated and scheduled messages you can be thoughtful and on point every day of the week.

Email replies

Replies to messages sent from MICE get linked to the correct event automatically, making sure you keep an unclouded view.

At the end of the day we save loads of time, have a better overview and have improved the communication with clients and colleagues.

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Focus on getting things done instead of emailing all day.

Just like you, we'd like to spend less time sending emails while getting things done. Messages help you do just that. And at the end your client knows you've got it all sorted.

  • Send direct messages to your contacts.
  • Add internal notes for your colleagues, so everyone is up to speed.

Automated and scheduled messages.

With scheduled messages you're always on top of your game. Automatically send a notification a few days before the event or to confirm the booking. It's up to you.

  • Schedule messages to be sent automatically before the event.
  • Send relevant notifications to contacts when the status of the event changes.

Always the perfect answer with saved replies.

Communicating adequately becomes an easy task with saved replies. Just add some messages you send on a regular basis and you're able to insert, edit and send them at will.

Start planning events smarter today.

MICE Operations is free to try for 14 days in your own account. Within a few minutes you'll be ready to create your first proposal or try out your own booking widget.

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Explore the possibilities of MICE.

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