Elevate your event marketing.

MICE Operations offers a suite of features designed to
enhance your outreach, streamline your processes, and
tailor your offerings.

Marketing on autopilot

Your venue is open 24/7 for event requests.

This innovative feature allows your clients to request event proposals directly from your website at any time of the day.

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Track your online marketing efforts and scale up.

The RFP tool automatically sends events back to the host website (your website), which you can track using Google Tag Manager. This way, you can accurately determine which AdWords, Facebook, and Instagram campaigns are actually bringing in customers.

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Upsell on autopilot.

When the customer receives their online proposal, they can add products to it with the click of a button. This approach is smart, convenient, and a potential revenue booster.

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Automatically add customers to your newsletter.

Connect MICE Operations to your favorite CRM, and all your leads will automatically be added to your newsletter list.

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