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Structure in the finance processes.

As a finance manager, you want the financial aspect of event planning to be well organized. From the correct VAT breakdown to seamless handling of invoicing, MICE has you covered.

Specially designed for finance managers

Get your complete accounting in order.

From quotes to invoicing, our software helps you maintain an overview and never miss a payment deadline.

  • Standard processes for quotes, invoicing, and reporting.
  • Automatically process all invoices in your administration thanks to our accounting integrations.
  • Bring structure to your administration with the tight quoting and invoicing processes of our software.

Simplify your life with the right integrations.

Enable seamless communication between all the software you use. By integrating with POS systems, accounting packages, and table reservation systems, you maximize the benefits of MICE and your other software packages.

These features are designed for accountants:


Send invoices with a single click and automatically sync them to your accounting.

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Instant insights into VAT, revenue, and profit, thanks to the reporting feature.

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User Roles

Grant access to financial information only to the right profiles with user roles.

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Maintain control over your administration with accounting and POS integrations.

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Automatic Messages

Never forget to send payment reminders with automatic messages.

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