Event planning software

Looking for the next big thing in sales and planning? You’ve found it. MICE Operations is the best tool you’re going to find to help you sell and plan your events. No matter if you’ve got one or one hundred events a month, our tools are going to make your life easier, save you time, reduce manual errors and increase customer satisfaction. 

While MICE Operations is doing your paperwork, you can focus on your guests.

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Plan events together

To plan the perfect event, you’ll need the perfect people. MICE Operations makes it easy to involve everyone in the process. From taking your client with you every step of the way to getting your employees up and running with automatically created schedules. It’s always better together.

Have the best view

The best view is overview, we always say. So we made our tools so you can have that fantastic view, the one where you see everything that’s going to happen and everything that’s needed. Clear timelines, (internal) messaging and one-click changes make everything run as smooth as butter.

Immediately get to work

With direct quotes for clients and automated, instant work schedules for your employees planning a new event has never been easier. Also, after your client signed their proposal online, you and your team can get right to work.

Increase the amount of online bookings

When our E-ventplanner has turned your website into a 24/7 sales machine, you’ll see an instant increase in the number of visitors requesting a proposal. Your visitors have questions? Our E-ventplanner will give them the answers they need.