Event planning software

MICE Operations event planning software is the solution for more efficient sales and event planning. MICE Operations saves time, reduces communication errors and increases client satisfaction. So you can spend more time with your guests.

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Work together

Plan an event with all people involved. All adjustments are logged into the system. This way you can see who is responsible for which adjustment.

Clearly on the timeline

Work out the event on a timeline by activity. In each activity, communications and internal messages can be posted to explain.

Quotations, schedules and worksheets

All information can be converted directly to a work list, schedules or quote. You can make and save multiple quotation templates in Word in your own corporate style and layout.

More requests

With the guidance of the E-ventplanner, clients can design their own event, 24/7 online. This will increase your requests.

Learn more about the possibilities

You can get a free demo of MICE Operations on skype. We will  show you how the system works, what the benefits are and discuss with you how it could be implemented in your organization. 

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