Event venue software

MICE Operations, the software for sales and event planning for your event venue. MICE Operations saves time, reduces communication errors and will increase customer satisfaction. So you can spend more time with your guests.

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Easy venue management

See at a glance your upcoming events and the event status.


In the availability overview, you'll see where the events take place and whether it's confirmed or in option. 

More revenue per guest

During the request and planning process, clients are offered product suggestions to expand their event.

Professional site visits

The system works in all browsers, while giving a site visit you can easily import all the clients requirements into the system on a tablet and show examples of food items or decoration. Before the client leaves the building, the quotation is done and sent by e-mail.

More online requests

Using the E-ventplanner, clients can easily create an own event 24/7. Because the client is guided through this process, anyone can design their event.

Obtain the maximum occupancy

When selecting a room, the system indicates which rooms are most suitable for the event, in combination with the setup.

Learn more about the possibilities

You can get a free demo of MICE Operations on skype. We will  show you how the system works, what the benefits are and discuss with you how it could be implemented in your organization. 

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