The best software for event venues

MICE Operations is the tool you’ve been searching for. That is if you’re not big on paperwork, repetitive tasks and editing proposal after proposal because our sales and planning software helps you with those administrative tasks so you can focus on what’s important: your guests.

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Manage your rooms on the go

With MICE Operations you’ll never have to wonder if there are any locations available. From the online calendar, you see what’s booked, what’s in option and what’s free and you can change it all directly from the comfort of your office or on the rocky roads to Dublin. Or Prague. The best thing is: it automatically checks which room is best suitable for any event you throw at it, so it’s kinda like having a second brain. And one that's never too tired to do the job.

Have complete overview

We can imagine managing multiple locations can be quite a handful. That’s why we created MICE Operations to help you get back in the driver's seat and back in control. With handy overview showing you all events at once, or a detailed view of just one, you’ll always know what needs to be done. Are new events rolling in constantly? Don’t worry; you can go ahead and accept those right away from the internet or on the road in our MICE Operations iPhone app.

Increase sales per guest

When your soon-to-be client is filling in your new online booking form (which is installed in under two minutes) he is automatically showed suggestions to make any event better. Just when they’re wondering if they should add another round of finger food, guess what they see.  

Works on the spot

Nothing beats a good old face-to-face with your clients, but be sure to take MICE Operations with you, because you can use it to show the changes you’re making or preview things like table settings or furniture. When you’re done, the new proposal is in their inbox before the door closes behind them.

Increase online applications

Requesting a proposal for events is so easy that you’re going to see more and more visitors from your website taking the E-ventplanner for a spin to see what you have to offer. And when they fill in the form, you can quickly get in touch and close the deal.

New! The digital quote

When clients request their event online, they should be able to sign the agreement online. That’s what we thought when we built the digital quotation into MICE Operations. The quote is presented digitally, and you can sign online and send it with a single click.