Full-fledged CRM software for events.

MICE isn't just planning software. It's top sales software too, and it provides all the features you require of a modern CRM, specifically tailored to the needs of event professionals.

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We can find everything related to one client in MICE, from communication to schedules, and from task lists to invoices.

Wouter Snijder, The Links Valley

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The perfect proposal with the click of a button.

Quotation templates give you a huge head start. Generate a quotation for an event in just minutes instead of hours, edit and send the proposal to your client.

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With nine out of ten groups, I can send a proposal and schedule within a couple of minutes. That is such a relief.


Contact management with room to grow.

MICE is the place to keep track of all your clients and contacts. From client to supplier, business to consumer and company to contact. And the best part: your events are linked to them in an instant.

Every event prepared on time with tasks.

Come prepared with tasks that are fully integrated into your event planning software. Link your task to an event, schedule it and assign to one of your colleagues. Check.

A great event starts with good communication.

MICE offers the complete overview of communication with your client, so you can trust everything is arranged just the way it should.

  • Thoughtful at any moment with automated and scheduled messages.
  • Email replies are automatically linked to the related event.
  • Full communication history.

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Reports you can rely on.

The different reports MICE has to offer tell you the full story and make sure you keep a tight grip on your numbers.

  • Revenue and sales reports with extensive filter options.
  • Product reports show you all the details.
  • Planboards, kitchen lists and worksheets make sure you have all the information you need in the operation.

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