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Wijnstra Catering uses MICE for catering at there own venues and external locations.

  • ClientWijnstra Catering
  • LocationTilburg, NL
  • Company typeCatering

Wijnstra Catering provides various events at two permanent locations in Tilburg (the Philharmonie, opposite the Willem II Stadium and the Harmonie, in the heart of the city centre), as well as catering at external locations. They cater at companies, but also at people's homes. The permanent locations are both society buildings where various events are organised; from meetings and congresses to weddings and condolences.

Regular guests

"We have many returning groups such as the bridge clubs. The Rotary club and the municipality organise their meetings here almost every week. It’s easy to duplicate a previous event completely. And for the client, it's nice to have an overview of their current events with the client account".

The system is very user-friendly, before we went on holiday, we explained in one afternoon how the system works to a new colleague.

Kiki & Marie-José, Wijnstra Catering


"MICE ensures that we can structure our reservations, an event can easily be confirmed and get a good picture of the client. Requests that come by phone or e-mail are immediately put into MICE; in just three or four clicks you can put together a business meeting.

First, we used the Outlook calendar for all our events. Once we started working with MICE, we linked it to the Outlook Calendar in the beginning, but now we only use MICE when you're on the road or on the work floor".

Explained in one afternoon

"The system is very user-friendly and clear. When me and my colleague went on holiday at the same time, we explained the system to a new colleague how everything works in one afternoon. The number of requests has been increasing a lot lately and the system fits in perfectly with this growth".

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