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Sprankenhof has more time for a chat with customers

  • ClientSprankenhof
  • LocationUdenhout, NL
  • Company typeBiological Farm

Sprankenhof in Udenhout is a biological farm. In the shop they sell their biological products. They also have a picking garden and organise guided tours, workshops in the cooking studio and there are meeting facilities.

Private and business customers

"In summer there are many by-passers and in winter mainly groups. These are usually private groups like families or friends and associations. We mainly organise a guided tour with a tasting or a cooking workshop. All meetings mainly come from business groups. You can see that they also request in a different way than private clients. They also use the customer account more often".

Customer insights

Requests come in via the request for proposal module, e-mail or telephone; some clients still want that personal chat when they organise an event. Often they already know the possibilities we have to offer because they have looked in the request for propossal module before they call. This also makes the conversation easier for us; you don't have to explain all the possibilities. After the conversation, I put everything into the system and send them the proposal.

The system of MICE Operations saves me a lot of time and effort which leaves me much more time for a chat with my customers.

Josèt Vermeer, Sprankenhof

Client account

"We offer clients the opportunity to use the client account; you can see that this is mainly used by the business groups. In the case of private clients, we see that one finds it convenient and the other does not activate the account. It is therefore nice that it is not required to log in and that all messages and quotations are also sent via e-mail".

Clear and simple

"The great thing about the system is that you can find everything in one place and that you can quickly find previous events and then easily duplicate them when the same group passes by again. In addition, it looks very professional to the customer. On the day of the event, I roll out the work lists so that everyone knows what their job is.

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