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Software for group reservations in restaurants.
Better margins, less hassle 

Proposal software for restaurants. 

It's Friday night at 7 pm. The phone rings. A group reservation for four weeks from now. Nice of course, but the place is full and you're out of time…

Do you recognize that?
How convenient would it be to say: "Check out our website for all options and select what you would like". The next morning, with a few clicks, you send a proposal. It can be that simple!

MICE is right for your restaurant if:

  • You want more overview and peace for the planning & sales of group reservations,
  • You want a greater focus on group reservations because the margins are ideal.
  • Your existing software is not suitable for group reservations.

Let your guests self-orient 24/7.

With the request module on your website, you are always available for inquiries and your restaurant looks top-notch at all times - on any device.

  • Get immediate insight into the preferences of your customers and clients.
  • Even during peak times in your restaurant, the orientation and inquiries for group reservations continue.
  • Easy to integrate on your website and fully in the style of your tasteful restaurant.

Create the most beautiful proposals in a few clicks.

Create beautiful proposals for every group reservation with our digital proposals in just a few clicks, perfectly reflecting the atmosphere of your restaurant.

  • Take advantage of the interactive features: requesting and processing feedback has never been easier.
  • Choose a beautiful design template, add photos and videos, and bring the ambiance of your restaurant to life in your proposals.
  • Get faster approval thanks to the option for guests and clients to sign online.

Why do restaurants choose MICE?

Online RFP tool

Sell group reservations 24/7, even during peak times in your restaurant.

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Interactive proposals

Showcase the ambiance of your restaurant with the most beautiful interactive proposals.
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Easily send invoices and reminders in just one click.

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Keep track of all scheduled group reservations and events in three agenda views.

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Thanks to the integration with your table reservation system, reservations are automatically created and updated.

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Stay informed of all communication with guests and colleagues at all times.
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