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Conversion through the roof at Holie Pizza, thanks to the online RFP tool from MICE.

  • ClientHolie Pizza
  • LocationDelft
  • Company typeCaterer

Holie Pizza has been providing sustainable pizza catering on location since 2022, focusing mainly on corporate events. Since February 2024, they have been using MICE Operations software. "Yes, we've only been using this system for two months, so the volume isn't very high yet. But still, we couldn't have wished for a better start!" co-founder Jeroen ter Haar Romenij explains.

 We were looking for a way to send proposals faster. With MICE, we found out that we could also integrate it directly into our website and send invoices from the same system. This immediately felt like an all-in-one tool for us.

 Jeroen ter Haar Romenij, co-founder of Holie Pizza

Online Request for Proposal tool
Before switching to MICE, Holie Pizza used a simple form on their website. Through a few fields such as name, date, and location, potential customers could request catering for their event. Then it took an average of 45 minutes to follow up on a request and send a customized proposal from Google Docs or Google Sheets. Even though they had beautiful detailed proposals and used templates, it was always a lot of copy-paste work.

"That's now a thing of the past!" says Jeroen. Since they started using the online RFP tool on their website, customers can immediately see the entire arrangements, all products, and prices. Jeroen continues: "After following up by phone (yes, we still do that), it takes us a maximum of 5 minutes to send out a super tight proposal."

The result? Our conversion rate has gone from 35 to 64%!

 Jeroen ter Haar Romenij, co-founder of Holie Pizza

"It's very nice for visitors to see directly on the website what they can choose from and what we offer," says Jeroen. "You prepare the guests for the prices and the offer, and that's such a big advantage. For that reason alone, I think the conversion rates are going up. We're transparent, and people know what to expect. The entire online RFP tool just provides a professional appearance."

The future
Both founders have a background in the IT world but didn't have much experience in the hospitality industry. Initially, they looked at MICE through their IT lens. Jeroen says: "Thanks to MICE, we've been able to digitize a very large part of our operation. MICE has truly become the heart of our organization."

Holie Pizza's plans are ambitious. Jeroen says, "We want to conquer the whole of the Netherlands with our sustainable catering and really leave a positive impact on our guests in terms of sustainability."

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