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A smooth onboarding for The Austrian Scheiblhofer World.

  • ClientThe Scheiblhofer World
  • LocationAndau, Austria
  • Company typeHotel & Event Venue

We’re adding more and more customers from different countries to our customer base, and The Scheiblhofer World in Andau, Austria, is one of them. Comprising the Scheiblhofer winery, the Wine-Wellness Hotel "The Resort," and the Restaurant "The Quarter," this family-owned business began with a focus on wine and gradually expanded to include a guesthouse, a restaurant, and eventually a hotel and climbing park.

Samuel Havel, IT Manager at The Scheiblhofer World, shares his insights: "Since we have a lot of locations and things to do, MICE helps us handle all the bookings for events, meetings, weddings, climbing, archery, and other fitness activities in one single system. With a range of mixed events, the software allows us to effortlessly oversee operations across all departments, including the Event Team, F&B, Kitchen, Fitness, Reservation, Reception and Wedding Planning."

The transition to MICE Operations was prompted by the limitations of their previous system – outdated, lacking user-friendliness, and devoid of a web-based tool. The event planners got frustrated and in March 2023, Samuel started looking online for new software and found MICE Operations. After an hour of using and testing our free trial, he was already convinced of its efficiency for all their departments. Before using MICE, the Event Team had to spend hours writing function sheets, a lot of information had to be entered several times in different places, and updating the number of guests was very complicated. They were really unhappy with the old system. Samuel noted: ‘’After showing other departments the possibilities in MICE, everybody got excited!’’ 

The Implementation

Samuel noted: "The Event Team and I collected all the information that was important to us from every department. Thanks to my experience with various software and MICE's user-friendly interface, implementation was smooth. It was good that we could do it ourselves because we can actually get to know the software. During the implementation, I could directly chat with the Support team of MICE. Sometimes I wasn’t completely clear if the setup I made was correct, but they would just check it for me, help me out and give some better suggestions. As the system is so user-friendly, it’s easy to implement. There’s also an online Knowledge Base, which helped me out a lot.’’ 

As the system is so user-friendly, it’s easy to implement.

Samuel Havel, IT Manager at The Scheiblhofer World 

Samuel continues: ‘’After the implementation, I conducted training sessions for each department on how to use MICE to best suit them. Initially, colleagues faced a learning curve, but the transition from paper and notebooks to the user-friendly online system proved rewarding. MICE's comprehensive digital offerings, intuitive planning views, and seamless email functionality eliminated the need for additional function sheets. The ability to overwrite prices and labels for existing events is a huge time saver.’’ 

Scheiblhofer is an Austrian company with German as the primary language. Samuel quotes: ‘’The flexibility of MICE in both English and German is perfect for us. We also have some international colleagues, so it's easy to switch between different languages. Also, for our guests, it’s perfect that we can send out our quotes in German and in English, just depending on the group and their preferences.” 

The flexibility of MICE in both English and German is perfect for us.

Samuel Havel, IT Manager at The Scheiblhofer World

“An added benefit for everybody is that we now actually have a forecast of the upcoming events. In our previous system, we only had a calendar view and we could see there was an event planned for, for example, three weeks, but we could never see all the details and additional information. We had to keep all the notes for the event in different written worksheets. Now we have a complete forecast.”

Nine months into using MICE, Samuel expressed satisfaction with ongoing software updates and new features. ‘’We’re super excited so far and excited to continue this collaboration!’’ 

Photos by Monika Nguyen

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