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Event agency Wavevents is growing rapidly with MICE.

  • ClientWavevents
  • LocationScheveningen, NL
  • Company typeEvent agency

Wavevents is an events agency for young and old offering various trips and activities in Scheveningen and Kijkduin. They have been working with MICE Operations for a year now.

"This year we have carried out three times more activities than last year, partly due to our new website with the request for proposal module. We are now getting the benefits of this. The module on our website automates this process for both parties, which is very nice. In addition, because of the module, the applicant always finds a suitable event; clients respond very positively to this. People who do not yet know what they want to organise or large parties who have more requirements and specific wishes still call or e-mail, but then we put it directly into MICE ourselves. You always keep that personal touch, but that is also very important to us. When we started with MICE Operations, we thought the process was a little too automated. That's why we now have the protocol that we always call in a request before the quotation goes out."

Multiple locations

Roel also has a kiteboard school and has just started a beach club. "It's important to keep an overview. It's therefore nice that you can see the occupation immediately which events are in option or already confirmed. In the planning everything is clearly arranged; in the past we always had to look it up in an Excel file and Google calendar.

On Monday, we look at what is on the schedule and what still needs to be done. We work at several locations so it is important that everyone has a detailed roadmap and a list of what has to be done".

Most of the time saved is in the fact that the quotation is ready immediately after the request.

Roel Oude Avenhuis, owner Wavevents

Time savings

"Most of the time saved is in the fact that the quotation is ready immediately after the request. If there are any changes, you can easily adjust it and it is ready to send. It is important for an entrepreneur that a system is user-friendly; if an employee works with a system and he or she leaves, it is nice that a new employee can start working with it immediately".


"We are always looking at how we are going to develop. At this moment we mainly want to grow in business events. So you have to keep up with what is popular and innovative; stand up paddling has grown tremendously this year and we are one of the few providers. Canals cleanups are also very popular now."

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