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Vergulden Eenhoorn has extra time to focus on their guests, thanks to MICE

  • ClientVergulden Eenhoorn
  • LocationAmsterdam
  • Company typeRestaurant and event venue

Restaurant & event venue Vergulden Eenhoorn is a monumental city farm in the heart of Amsterdam. Located in a unique green area with a large garden, they host various events. Additionally, there is the Hooiberg, a separate rentable space, and a charming boutique hotel with four rooms.

In MICE Operations, Vergulden Eenhoorn has found the solution to streamline the organization of their events, meetings, and weddings. Previously, they worked with different programs, resulting in administrative clutter. "We were looking for something more structured that would bring everything together in one place," says Guido, Sales Manager. "MICE works very well for that."

By using MICE, we have automated many processes, saving us a lot of time. We now have extra time available to focus on our guests.

Guido, sales manager at Vergulden Eenhoorn

From administrative chaos to efficiency

Previously, organizing events was much more inconvenient. "Before we started working with MICE, we found that we were working less efficiently than we would like," says Guido. "We received requests in all sorts of ways; through email, our brochure, or phone calls. It often happened that too many contact moments were needed to understand our customers' needs."

MICE Operations has changed this. "Everything is now centralized and structured," says Guido. "We can easily create proposals, manage reservations, create guest lists, and send invoices. This saves us a lot of time."

Bobbe, restaurant and event manager at Vergulden Eenhoorn, adds: "We get a lot of guests who want to make a reservations. Thanks to MICE, we can now easily show what we offer via the online RFP tool on our website. This allows guests to see all the options we offer, see our prices and make a reservation. It is very user-friendly for the guests."

Thanks to the online RFP tool, we can now easily show what we offer. Guests can easily see all the options, request a proposal, and make a reservation. It is very user-friendly for the guests.

Bobbe, restaurant and event manager at Vergulden Eenhoorn

The benefits go beyond just ease of use. "MICE makes it possible to tailor the experience to the type of event," says Guido. "For weddings, we want to present something more extensive and personalized, while for a meeting, a more business-like tone is preferable."

"MICE helps us optimize the customer's experience in a simple way," Bobbe concludes. "The needs of a bridal couple are different from those of a business requester. Thanks to MICE we can easily adapt."

Improved collaboration

Because of MICE, the collaboration between the different departments of Vergulden Eenhoorn has also improved. "We still have a weekly sheet meeting," says Guido. "We go through all the reservations for the next week and a half, together with colleagues from the office, the floor, the kitchen, and the owner. Each department has its own work list in MICE. If we make a last-minute change, the adjustment is immediately communicated to the right departments. This way, all communication around an event can be found in MICE. This works great and is very clear."

MICE provides our customers with the right experience throughout the entire process, from request to evaluation. Internally, MICE offers us overview, efficiency, and more time for our customers and guests.

Guido, sales manager at Vergulden Eenhoorn
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