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Powerful event management software.

Start managing your events with confidence with the #1 event management software, containing all your event information, customizable planning views, communication and documents.

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Event management

Event management software tailored to your needs.

Whether you need today's worksheets or want to check for room availability next week; with configurable planning views, MICE always offers the overview you're looking for, making event management a breeze.

  • All event information in one place with the powerful event dashboard.
  • Creating schedules and worksheets in a matter of seconds.

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After changes have been made, everyone instantly has the latest version. We work so much more efficiently.

Maaike Jongerius, Villa Jongerius

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Online event management

MICE is cloud-based, which means you can safely access your event information from any place at any time.

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If you have everything in one place, you'll never miss another schedule change and create the perfect event every time.

Perfect software for you

With a fully customizable planning you always have the full picture of your planning, just the way you need it.

Proposals & invoicing

Beautiful eProposals designed for events.

MICE isn't just event management software, it includes powerful sales tools as well, like our eProposals. Effortlessly create the perfect proposal for every event and the competition doesn't stand a chance.

  • Make a great first impression with eProposals.
  • With flexible quotation templates you'll make and send better proposals in (way) less time.
  • Send partial or full event invoices with a single click of the button.

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Online RFP tool

Available for requests for proposal all day and night.

With MICE's online RFP widget, you're always opened for business. Clients put together their entire event and you instantly know what they're looking, making event management a breeze.

  • Easily add the widget to your website and it's completely branded.
  • Requesting an event effortlessly on a computer or smartphone.

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Being able to work with different people on the same platform is very important to us. We are now working with twelve people in the system and it remains easy and convenient for everyone.

Jens Diels, Chocolate Nation (BE)

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Every conversation at your fingertips with messages.

Never lose track of discussions about an event again with messages. Send messages directly to contacts or add an internal note for your colleagues.

  • All your sent messages, proposals and invoices in one overview.
  • Email replies from your client are automatically linked to the related event.
  • Work faster with saved replies and scheduled messages.

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Reports and documents you can always count on.

The different reports MICE has to offer tell you the full story and make sure you keep a tight grip on your numbers.

  • Revenue and sales reports with extensive filter options.
  • Product reports show you all the details.
  • Planboards, kitchen lists and worksheets make sure you have all the information you need in the operation.

Powerful event management software.

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Start managing your events smarter.

MICE's online event management software is free to try for 14 days in your own account. Within a few minutes you'll be ready to create your first proposal or try out your own booking widget.

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