Digital proposals and customer relations, all taken care of.

When your location is great, make sure your proposals have the same impact.

When you make sure you offer the best possible service every day, why are your proposals lacking? It’s one of the first moments of contact with your customer, so you’ve got to make sure they stand out. With MICE Operations’ digital proposals your first impressions won’t just be flawless, because, with a quick digital signature, they’ll also be winners.

Don’t work harder. Work smarter.

Quick e-signatures

Download, print, sign, scan, return ... what if your customer can sign your proposal in one click?


Take the lead on your competition and show your best self online. Clients have never seen anything like this.

Keep focused

MICE Operations helps you keep focused. From proposing in minutes to having an overview of all your sales. Easy.

The biggest timesaver, without a doubt, is that proposals are immediately ready after a client has put in their request.

Roel Oude Avenhuis,


Start selling more

Do what you're good at and let MICE Operations do the rest.

The CRM for event managers

A CRM that gives answers, instead of raising questions. Keep a view of all your projects and know what needs to be done or who needs to be called.

  • Relationship management

    Go from client to client quickly and never lose sight of their data and relevant sales statistics.

  • Keep track of proposals

    See in an instant which proposals are unsigned, when they expire and what you need to do. You’ll never miss another chance.

  • Sales reports

    See what is happening now and what you can expect in the future with our super-fast sales reports.

Digital proposals

Sending twenty offers per day sounds great, but how many are sent back signed, sealed, delivered? You’re one step (or one signature) in front of the pack with our digital proposals.

  • Build your templates

    You want to look sharp, so why send out sub-standard proposals? Use our templates to always look your best, on- and offline. Use them time after time for your winning proposals, without ever spending a second more.

  • Cost overviews and scenarios

    Stop comparing notes to see if it all adds up. All your data automatically gets filled into the right documents, and we’ll show you everything that you need to know about costs (and of course, earnings).

  • Quick online signing

    The only thing clients need to do to sign is to check the proposal in their email, click the link, see your offer and click ‘sign.’ That’s all. You’ll never have to wait for that ‘John Hancock’ again.

Present beautiful proposals everywhere

Take MICE Operations to any exhibition, convention or sales event and let it help you show you from your best side. You don’t need to bring any sales assistant, heck, you could even stay home yourself. Set up your laptop, open the MICE Operations request form on your website and you are done. The requests will start piling up.

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Simplify bookings, sales, proposals, and your life.

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