Powerful software for activities

With MICE Operations everyone can compose the perfect day activity, event or workshop on your website and request it with the push of a button. So you, as the planner, always have the information you need close at hand.

Check our smart tools:

Reservation software for outings

Our Request for proposal form is highly suitable for offering a diverse range of activities and outings from water sport to workshops.

Reservations for activities

Let your clients efficiently plan one or multiple activities.

Accessible everywhere

Look up all the information you need for an event directly from your laptop, tablet or with our iPhone app.

Seasonal greetings!

Change your offerings according to the season, with specialized pricing and products. It’s easy and good for business!

Clear insights in clients wishes and budget

When your soon-to-be clients fill out their perfect event you’ll directly see what they want, need, and what their budget is so you can plan your communication with them accordingly.

Available 24/7

Never miss another client and show your facilities online 24/7 with our online request for proposal form. So no matter if they want to plan the perfect family outing just before breakfast or think of a new kind of conference in the middle of the night, you’re always going to be there for them.

Easily manage your business

Every part of your business, from activities to products, is easily managed. You can change what you want when you want it.