Online proposals for the hospitality industry

MICE Operations is event management on autopilot. Try it for yourself.

Spend more time with your guests, because MICE Operations has everything else covered. Automate every part of your event management.

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Simplify bookings, sales, proposals, and your life.

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We breathe hospitality

Having worked at prominent locations all over the world, we know a thing or two about the hospitality industry. That also means we know the problems you're facing every day and how our powerful tools can help fix them. 

With MICE Operations you'll no longer be creating essentially the same proposal over and over again and gone are be the days where you have twenty versions of virtually the same work schedule. 

With our tools, it's easier to adjust, manage and plan events.

Sell more

Our online request form allows your soon-to-be clients to see what you have to offer instantly. They'll immediately get the proposal they want, and you'll see exactly what they want and have to spend. This way upselling for your events becomes a breeze.

Save loads of time

Your quotes, work schedules, and planning are created automatically and instantly. So you're not behind your computer for hours on end and can get back to crafting amazing experiences for all your guests. Kickstart the new era of hospitality with MICE Operations.

Everything in one place

MICE Operations shows everything you need to know when you need to. So your employees will never again be searching for things to do because they're updated on the fly, and everything is under your control.

CRM system for the hospitality industry

You'll never lose potential customers again because MICE Operations keeps track of all the online bookings you receive and who sent them. Every email you get and any phone call you receive gets logged, so everyone is always up-to-date.

Custom is the new standard

You want every experience you sell clients to be custom made to their needs. That's hard work, but with MICE Operations it can be your new standard. Easily adjust prices, change products, add individual agreements and create tailormade work schedules with the push of a button.

Your events will run smoother than ever.

Simplify bookings, sales, proposals, and your life.

Put MICE Operations to work with these solutions:

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