Put your website to work

From getting the same question over and over again to telling the perfect answer once.

Why would you let your website even cost a little, if it could just as easily earn you a load? Embed our easy-to-use request form on your site and put that website to work. Whether you have twenty locations, ten kinds of artisan ice cream, eight different escape rooms, or just a single meeting room; MICE Operations is always going to show your customers exactly what they need, when they need it. You’ll never have to answer the same question again because your website is going to have all the answers.

See it in action

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Increase your turnover

You can sell smarter and earn more by giving the right recommendations at the right time. Our system helps you automate that process and increases revenue without you lifting a finger.

Always ready to help

MICE Operations is there 24/7. Customers can see what you have to offer, even in the dead of night. You’ll never miss a single request again.

From good to perfect

Because your clients can easily see the costs of an extra hour or another snack, they can build their ideal event helping you sell more.

How to easily sell more

When your soon-to-be client uses your new request form to dream up his perfect event, you can immediately keep tabs on his hearts’ desires (and its’ budget). With all that valuable information you can get ahead of the curve and deliver the best proposal of his life.

  • Relevant suggestions

    The client sees products that perfectly fit his event.

  • Better leads

    You’ll only have high-quality leads because you communicate prices directly.

  • Room selection

    Specific prices or options per room? No problem.

Your work, your style

The difference between good work and great work is your eye for detail. That’s why you stay in control of aspects of the system, like color and fonts.

  • Your branding

    Choose your own colors, fonts, photos, and texts, so that the application blends right into your website.

  • Multiple types of events

    Different events call for different solutions. Build a request form for every kind of event and make it fit perfectly.

  • Customize to your needs

    Everything can be adjusted in our request form. Starting with the information you want from your clients to the size of the photos.

Bring it to the table

What do you bring to the table? MICE Operations! It works on your iPhone or iPad and is perfect to bring to conventions or sales meetings. You can take your clients step by step through the request form and let them fill it out all by themselves. Before you said your last goodbyes the client already has the proposal in his inbox. Ready to sign.

Simplify bookings, sales, proposals, and your life.

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