Event planner for hospitality

Receive event requests directly from your website

Turn your website into an instant sales tool and receive detailed requests for proposals like weddings, birthday parties, business conventions or whatever type your venue caters to.

Check out how that works:

Check out our request for proposal tool!

MICE Operations allows your soon-to-be guests to see your facilities and plan their event directly from your website. They’ll be able, and you have the control to view, change and accept it from the online calendar. 

All your bookings will be stored in one place where your entire team can view it and work together to reach next levels for teamwork.

Simplify bookings, sales, proposals, and your life.

Put MICE Operations to work with these solutions:

Install the form within minutes

Our online request for proposal form is easily placed on your website with a small piece of script that automatically loads the tool on any page you put it. You can, for instance, swap it with your standard contact form and it will start loading our powerful online booking tool from the next time you refresh.

It’s all done within two minutes, and if you’re not sure how that works, then we’ll be happy to help.

Your agenda, online

No one needs the hassle of an offline, paper agenda. Is it up-to-date? Did all the reservations make it through? Where is it?  With MICE Operations those questions no longer need to be asked because everything is found in your online calendar. You get a clean and clear overview of which locations or rooms are booked for which event and can quickly change from viewing a single day, a week, or a month. 

Multiple employees can access the calendar at the same time and make changes to the same event. Every change is logged and with internal memo’s and comments so you’ll never lose control again.

With MICE Operations you’re going to be on top and hard to stop.

Application tool for catering

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