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Let our powerful tools put your event management on autopilot with 24/7 online booking for events, a dedicated back office helping you gain control and features guaranteed to save to time.

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Simplify bookings, sales, proposals, and your life.

Put MICE Operations to work with these solutions:

How does the booking tool work:

Lees hier hoe MICE werkt:

Online sales machine

With our tools, your website becomes a 24/7 sales machine. Your soon-to-be clients can see all your facilities and directly book the event of their dreams. When they’re done, you instantly receive the request in your inbox, and you can go ahead and make the best first impression.

Wondering how it all works? Well, brilliantly! Want to see it in action? Let’s go!

Go from in option to accepted in seconds

After clients send in their booking, it automatically pops up in your online calendar, and you can quickly change or accept it. The date not available? You’ll be able to recommend a new time instantly so you can keep your customers satisfied. Moreover, when you accept bookings, you can use internal memo’s and comments to help you remember all the critical details.

Creating great experiences for happy customers was never easier.

Work together

Work together with your employees to make every event the best you’ve ever had. Products, prices and special arrangements are all easily added or changed, and because we log everything, you’ll never lose track of who did what. Exceptions like vegetarians or allergies are quickly put into the mix and added to every document automatically. You’ll always be on the top of your game.

Client dashboard

Every client gets a personal event dashboard where they can check everything and add comments. If anyone changes something in the event, you get a notification right away to your  account, so everyone's always up-to-date.

Automatically create schedules

As the date for an event comes closer, you’ll be getting ready to put people to work with schedules and work lists. With MICE Operations you’re not going through twenty versions of anything ever again, because our system always keeps every document up-to-date with the newest changes. And with the push of a button, you can download it, print them and have the relevant information with the right people. Make it work!

Multiple upcoming events

Have multiple events every day, week or month? We’ve got you covered! With overviews for all of them, you can check everything you need to know about upcoming events.

Specialized for the hospitality industry

MICE Operations is specialized in dealing with events for caterers, meeting and convention centers and event locations. Wondering if you fit in? We’re happy to give you advice on how to make MICE Operations work for you.

Our customers get answers twice as fast, meaning our proposals also get signed faster than ever.

Roel Oude Avenhuis,


Occupied schedule, free mind

MICE Operations shows you extensive details about the occupation of all your locations. Through daily, weekly and monthly overviews you’re never going to lose control again. The overview shows you date, name, and other vital facts.

24/7 sales machine for your website

Our E-ventplanner will install on your website within two minutes and immediately start upselling on all your events. Soon-to-be clients will see everything you have to offer and get advice on numerous upgrades to their event. And because clients fill in everything they wish for you know everything they need before you pick up the phone to close the deal.

Customization was never easier

A tool that automates everything, but still gives you the power to make a client feel special; that’s MICE Operations. Because you can make easy changes to your standard arrangements to make them fit every special wish a client has. And to keep everything clear any custom options added to events show up in the overview, so you never forget.

Keep it quick

Nowadays everything needs to be done quickly, so MICE Operations gives you the tools to keep communication clear and concise. Everyone works in the same online environment, so you’re all up-to-date about changes. Also, we log them all so you can see who changed what.

Improve communication

Communicate quickly and clearly through automatic notifications, messages, internal memos and keep track of emails send and calls made. Because if you know what’s up, you’ll never let a client down.

Iphone App

With our handy iPhone app, you can access your events everywhere. View all the details, read and send messages and keep track of attachments.

Easy to use

MICE Operations is so easy to use we dare to assure that making a proposal in Word is harder. Also, when something isn’t working out, know our support is always free. We promise.

Reservation tool for event locations

Some example of the great companies that put MICE Operations to work:

Wavevents — Beach Events in Scheveningen, NL

This beach events agency uses MICE Operations’ reservation tool to offer team building sessions on the beach. Wavevents doesn’t have a location of their own, but sell their events through several beach pavilions in Scheveningen. The client gets to pick their favorite through the E-ventplanner.

Naturel — Beach Pavilion

Naturel uses MICE Operations’ reservation tool to sell beach events to companies and large group. This is how they keep track of all the weddings, birthdays and teambuilding that takes place at their venue.

Our locations have never been busier, yet our planners aren’t breaking a sweat. Thanks to MICE Operations.

NIels - Hartbeach Quicksilver Surfschool


Smooth sailing

Using MICE Operations makes running your business smooth sailing. Taking care of all your proposals, sales and your event management will only take a fraction of the time, and you’ll be wondering why you ever did these tasks yourself.

Sell more

Using our E-ventplanner on your website will help you sell more because it advises your clients on how to make their event even better. Also, because you know their wishes exactly you can cater to their every need.

Receive requests 24/7

The E-ventplanner doesn’t need water or food. It’s always working and working hard to help you sell more, get more requests and show everything your company has to offer to everyone that comes to your website.

Save a lot of time

Handcrafting proposals, schedules and timelines is now a thing of the past. MICE Operations does it all automatically so you can wave changing the same documents 16 times goodbye. You’ll be working in an online environment where every adjustment is made real-time and in every document.

Decrease manual errors

People can make mistakes; machines don’t. And if machines make an error, it’s mostly still the people who made a mistake. So by using our wonderful event management machine, you’re sure to decrease manual errors like forgetting appointments or how many vegetarians there are coming. With MICE Operations you’re always on the top of your game, and that’s exactly where you want to be.

Check availability

You’re never going to lose track of your availability and make a double booking again. Check your online calendar in MICE Operations, and you’ll be sure if you’re fully booked or have a spot left.

Simplify bookings, sales, proposals, and your life.

Put MICE Operations to work with these solutions:

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