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Your beach club will sell itself, for real.

A beautiful seaside view. Relaxing in the setting sun. Great drinks, better food…if only there was a way for your beach club to sell itself. 

Try MICE Operations. By installing our online booking tool right onto your website, you’ll start selling more on autopilot.

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Simplify bookings, sales, proposals, and your life.

Put MICE Operations to work with these solutions:

Custom is the new standard

Clients always have special needs for their events. Quite a hassle when you need to keep track of multiple bookings at once. However, with MICE Operations custom becomes your new standard, because our powerful range of tools can quickly help you customize events without losing control to cater to everyone’s needs.

With our E-ventplanner, they see everything you have to offer and can pick precisely what they need. When they’re done requesting a new event, they send it your way with the push of a button, and you instantly receive it. Go ahead and accept it, with MICE Operations that’s easy.

Automatically sell more

Show what you’ve got with our E-ventplanner and give your clients the power of auto-suggestion. Because when your clients see that they can upgrade your fabulous buffet with a tasty dessert, they won’t be able to resist, so you’ll start selling more without breaking a sweat.

Gain overview

With a detailed dashboard for every event, you’ll be spending less time searching for documents or trying to fill any gaps. MICE Operations will give you the overview you need to keep your business running smoothly. You can add any employee you want, and they’ll be able to see everything you expect from them. Go ahead and add the kitchen staff so they can see there need to be three vegan dishes and add the manager so she can see the beamer needs to be set up tonight. Whatever it is you do, it gets done with MICE Operations.

Save time (and your life)

With our powerful tools, you’ll be saving yourself hours of not sitting behind a computer trying to figure out how to make everything work, or finishing yet another proposal. MICE Operations does all that, and more, for you. That means you have time to do the things you love with an empty inbox, empty mind and, hopefully, a filled glass. Cheers!

We krijgen veel meer getekende offertes terug door de eenvoudige digitale offerte, want de klanten krijgen sneller antwoorden dan ooit.

Roel Oude Avenhuis,

Get what you deserve

With MICE Operations you always get what you deserve. With in-depth product and pricing options, you’ll never again sell yourself short by making guesstimates for every event. Our tools help you sell and get what you deserve.

Built for the beach

Your beach club has endless possibilities for your clients, and we’ll give you countless options to show them off. We’ll automate every part of running your business that you don’t like so you can start having more fun with the things you do. 

Moreover, with MICE Operations you won’t have to have the same conversation over and over again, because your guests see it all in our online request for proposal tool. Our E-ventplanner helps you go from telling it a hundred times and selling it once to telling it once and selling it a hundred times. 

Simplify bookings, sales, proposals, and your life.

Put MICE Operations to work with these solutions:

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