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"We are against automation."

  • Laura Bourgonje
  • 7 March 2024

Well, not us, of course. But many people are. Maybe even you, because you're reading this blog now. And we know what your objections are. But trust us, we've thought of everything! We'd love to explain it to you. Maybe your company isn't ready for it (or you aren't!), but we still think automation is worth considering. And hopefully, you'll think so too after reading this blog!

Automating makes our work impersonal
Ha, you thought so! It's a common prejudice about automation - and it's also unjustified. Automation can actually make your work more personal because:

  • With our software, you create the most beautiful digital proposals in your own style, tailored to your customer.
    Malou, owner of beach venue The Fat Mermaid in Scheveningen, agrees: "I was afraid that the personal touch would disappear with automation, but it turns out that's not the case at all. You actually have time to write the pre-set emails with attention and you can personalize everything with your own branding." Read Malou's experience here
  • If you use our messaging module, you'll never overlook a message again, and...
  • ...since you can schedule messages automatically, you'll be super attentive to your guests!
  • Automation saves you a lot of time, which you can invest in: personal attention! (and that's exactly the idea behind MICE)

Doesn't that take a lot of time?
Not with us: you can be fully automated within a week. And the system is so intuitive that new employees can start using it immediately, without lengthy manuals.

A week sounds long? We understand. We're happy to help. But more importantly: it will save you a lot of time right after implementation. Promised.

By the way, we're not offended if you don't believe us right away. But maybe our customers can convince you: "I can send a quote and a schedule out the door within a few minutes with nine out of ten groups. It's really a breath of fresh air." Read the experience of one of Timboektoe's employees here.

All those modern things are super expensive
You know what's really expensive? Personnel. And you need less of them by automating. Pretty handy now that there's a significant staff shortage in the industry (and probably will be for a while).

Moreover, you should recover your investment, even if you keep the same number of employees. Because MICE is not just planning software, it's also a sales tool: while you're busy with your guests, your location sells itself.

It's just not necessary: everything is already going well, right?
Great that things are going well! But you know, it can always be better. Because automating means:

  • working faster
  • making fewer mistakes
  • reducing administration
  • more peace of mind

Convinced? Start your free trial period now.

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