How to create an atmospheric wedding at an industrial venue

  • Jip Goossen
  • 22 April 2024

Industrial weddings are on the rise. The unique ambiance of a factory or other industrial venue lends a cool and stylish edge to a wedding. But how do you transform this open space into a warm and romantic setting for an unforgettable celebration day? As a wedding planner, you hold the key to creating an intimate and inviting ambiance. Get inspired by our tips!

Opt for warm lighting

Lanterns, fairy lights or even candles: warm lighting is the perfect way to give the large space an intimate and cozy setting. By adding a bunch of different lighting you can create an intimate atmosphere that will form a beautiful contrast to the industrial surroundings.

Create an intimate setting for the ceremony

In addition to lighting, the décor is also key to a relaxed atmosphere. Choose a vintage couch as a comfortable seating area for the bride and groom, and mix and match different tables and chairs for the guests. Or create a chill lounge area with beanbags, low coffee tables and old leather poufs.

Use soft textures for a warm contrast 

With decorations, you can create a homey and vibrant feel in the large space. For example, opt for soft textures like silk curtains or Persian rugs, and create a green oasis with plants and flowers. Don’t forget to pay attention to details like tableware, cutlery and menu cards on the table. Choose materials and colors that match the style of the wedding. 

Wedding planning made easy with our all-in-one software

Organizing a wedding in an industrial location, such as a factory or an old warehouse, can be quite a challenge. All sorts of factors need to be taken into account, such as acoustics, heating in colder months and the catering facilities available. Good planning is therefore essential! With MICE event planning software, you have all the information in one system. Create to-do lists, assign tasks to colleagues, and easily send messages to suppliers. This way, you’re perfectly prepared and nothing can go wrong on this important day for your clients! 

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