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  • Laura Bourgonje
  • 15 February 2024

Wedding season is almost upon us again. It's the time of the year for wedding venues, but also a challenging and busy period. As an event planner, you want everything to be perfectly organized, especially on perhaps the most important day in your clients' lives. And while you're undoubtedly excellent at your job, you're also human, and mistakes can happen. MICE to the rescue: we help you make wedding planning at your venue even more efficient, so you can have your hands free on the day to handle any issues or add that extra touch for the happy couple!

An automatic selection committee
It may not sound very nice, but it's sometimes quite handy to know in advance whether the wishes of the bridal couple and the possibilities at your location are a match. With the the Request for Proposal tool, potential clients can instantly see the available packages. This selection at the door saves them and you a lot of time and effort.

Choose from standard packages, different bundles, and specify what can be customized. Inspire the bridal couple! Your client creates their ideal day, and then it's your turn.

An experience in the inbox
You understand: now that you have all the wishes and the first version of the schedule in hand, creating a quote is a breeze. With MICE, you can create a quote in just a few minutes, but your client won't notice. In fact, with MICE's spectacular digital quotes, you let them experience a bit of the atmosphere and the experience of your venue.

Last-minute adjustments? No panic!
Aunt Mary is sick, Uncle John is allergic to shellfish, and with the weather forecast, we'd prefer an indoor location. In the last days before the wedding (or on the day itself!), there are often last-minute changes. With MICE, that's not a problem:

  1. Changed numbers? With one click, you can adjust this, and the change is automatically reflected everywhere.
  2. Last-minute requests? With the messaging module, you keep track of your communication; instead of searching your inbox for the latest messages, you can see immediately what the agreements were and which messages are new. Also handy if a colleague takes over for a while!
  3. Speaking of the messaging feature: by scheduling automatic messages, your clients are reminded on time to provide the final numbers and last-minute changes. Better to prevent than to cure.

So working with MICE means: no stress, a clear timeline, clear communication, time savings, and a satisfied bridal couple – an external wedding planner is no longer necessary! What more could you want?

Want to try it out without obligation? You can do so for free! Start your trial period today.

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