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"Automating everything, that's a lot of work, right?"

  • Laura Bourgonje
  • 1 February 2024

We understand you: you're swamped with work, and now you'd have to learn and set up a whole new system too? In this blog, we'll explain how choosing MICE actually saves you a lot of work and detail the real cost of setting it up.

The MICE request for proposal is like an extra sales representative
We proudly present our request for proposal tool: a tool that allows your venue to sell itself. This module showcases everything possible at your venue: from the maximum number of guests to packages, facilities, and even filling in the itinerary. While you're sleeping (or sweating it out in your bustling business), you're still accessible for new requests. Because the tool guides your (potential) customer and asks the right questions, the customer constructs the perfect quote request themselves. This not only saves you about 80% (!!) of the time when preparing the final quote but also ensures a happy customer, leading to a high chance of confirmation. Easy as pie!

From manual to automatic
Have you ever considered how much time you spend creating itineraries, schedules, and worklists? And we haven't even mentioned the time (and effort) it takes when you need to make adjustments - often across all documents simultaneously. Errors are lurking (it's still human work), so you essentially have to double-check everything every time. How exhausting is that?

Now, imagine if you automated everything. Can you? Yes, you can. The itinerary your customer has already compiled in the request module is ready instantly. Make a change in one document, and it's reflected everywhere. Errors? Not here anymore! Everything is in one place, giving you a clear overview and insight into the most up-to-date information (and your colleagues too!). Collaboration has never been easier.

Switching is possible within a week
MICE not only wants to make your work more enjoyable but also easier. That's why we ensure you can switch within a maximum of one week. Our software is designed to be quickly understood by everyone - that's how we like it. Need help? Our implementation specialist, Folkert, is ready to assist you step by step. Contact our Customer Success team for options and pricing.

So, in a week, you could be up and running! No more manual quotes, itineraries, and invoices... Sounds appealing, right? Start your free trial today, and who knows, you might be working with MICE this month!

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