Sending a quote within 5 minutes

  • Timo van der Zanden
  • 23 August 2023

Creating and sending quotes for events; for many in the industry, this is a task that takes up a lot of time. With the limited information you have, you need to put together an event and develop a compelling proposal. Often, these quotes end up looking more like brochures with all the possibilities included, rather than providing a clear overview for the client.

The time between a request and a quote

We often hear that clients have to wait a long time for their quote, leading them to request multiple quotes from different providers. This reduces the likelihood of them choosing you to organize the event and increases the risk that the time you've invested goes to waste.

Copy and paste

Frequently, you start with an old quote that you adapt to the new event. In this process, small details are often overlooked, such as incorrect personal information, items not agreed upon, or spelling mistakes.

The client gets the impression that insufficient attention has been given to their request, reducing the likelihood of the event moving forward. And that's a shame.

Quote sent within 5 minutes of the request

Sending quotes is one of the most important features of MICE Operations. Therefore, we extensively discussed with event planners what they and their clients consider important when it comes to requesting, creating, and sending quotes.

You often hear that automatically generated quotes don't look good or lack flexibility. After conducting our research and receiving feedback from our users, we decided to introduce digital proposals. This way, you have all the flexibility of interactive webpages, and the documents seamlessly align with your corporate identity. By using short template codes in your template, the system can automatically populate information, allowing you to send the quote directly from MICE Operations.

It's also possible to automatically include various schedules, cost overviews, and itineraries in the quote. The result is that our users can create more comprehensive and effective quotes than ever before.

Now, take a moment to calculate for yourself how much time you could save if quotes were ready immediately after the request. Work faster than ever with digital quotes and quote templates.

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