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More online event inquiries through your website?

  • Timo van der Zanden
  • 23 August 2023

A website is often the place where the initial contact between an event organizer and the venue takes place. Yet, in many cases, clients looking to request a quote only find an email address, phone number, or a contact form. But what are the actual possibilities?

Request for proposal tool 

The revamped online RFP tool of MICE Operations allows the client to create their own event. They have the option to choose between various packages and products offered by the venue. These are displayed in an interactive timeline, enabling the creation of a program right away, supplemented with the client's preferences.

Custom Event System

For each activity (e.g., a lunch, break, or aperitif), suggestions are presented on the timeline with products that align well with the activity. This gives the client the opportunity to expand the package and tailor it to their preferences. The client can also create a custom event by selecting products and providing their specific requirements.

How much time does a quote request take now?

Once the client has filled in the timeline with products, services, and their preferences, the event can be requested. The event is immediately recorded in the venue's system, resulting in an instant quote. The event planner only needs to review the request and send the quote. The client can log into the system to view their event, add products, and communicate directly with the event planner.

More direct inquiries, more revenue

With improved presentation of packages, products, and possibilities, clients will make decisions and place requests more quickly. The E-ventplanner simplifies the request process; since the venue can send out a quote immediately, clients are less likely to seek quotes from other venues. Comparison websites for event venues are also frequently used by clients, particularly due to the straightforward request process. Now, this process can be easily done through the venue itself, contributing to higher revenue.

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