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The trend we predict for event venues in 2024

  • Laura Bourgonje
  • 15 December 2023

Good, better, best: the battle for customers is more exciting than ever. Not only because there are fewer or smaller events organized than before, but also because customers are becoming increasingly discerning. Over the past decade, events, expos, and other happenings have transformed into something to be experienced: you don't just come to see or hear something, but to stimulate all your senses. This idea is extended to the entire customer journey in 2024: everything is an experience. In this blog, we will tell you how you can respond to this trend before, during, and after the event.

A bad first impression is often the last impression
An illogical website, unclear offerings, or hard-to-find contact information? Then your first impression is not good, we can tell you. A customer in 2024 wants to quickly know what you can offer for what price - and with the phone anxiety of the new generation, it's important that everything is available online. So, make sure your potential customer can see when your venue is available, what the possible room setups are, or what arrangements you offer. Our request for proposal tool ensures that your customer is guided step by step through the decision-making process, and that all possible questions are answered in advance. This way, you can send a quote before the first personal contact! An additional advantage: you are accessible day and night.

Invest in your quotes
Speaking of quotes: a quote is no longer just a simple price quote in a Word document. With MICE quotes, you send a promise: what can your customer expect from your location? To stand out on top of the stack, it's important that your quote stands out. No more sending out a boring A4, but a dynamic and interactive digital quote that impresses your customer. We want sensational presentations! So, your quote is an extension of your business card where you can highlight your unique selling points in the atmosphere and style of your venue. (And it doesn't have to take a lot of time.) Keep an eye on MICE because in 2024, our already spectacular quotes will become even more amazing!

Communication is key
Good communication involves both receiving and sending. After listening to your customer's wishes, it's important to continue communicating what customers can expect from you and what you expect from them. Therefore, send automatic messages with MICE before the event and never miss an important moment.

And also, communicate well internally
Good communication is also important during the event. You may have organized your event very well, but things almost always go differently than desired: guests arrive late due to a big traffic jam, the goodie bags are not yet in, there is a leakage in your building, or one of the speakers is sick. That requires action: quick thinking and acting. Your customer doesn't need to notice anything if you take immediate action and communicate well. You do this not only with your customer but also with your colleagues: with one click in the MICE planning system, your change is implemented in all worklists, scripts, and schedules, and everyone is up-to-date again.

Make it easy for the customer to pay
Once your customers are accustomed to your fast, communicative, and digital skills, they expect the same in billing. And the faster they receive the invoice (and the easier it is to pay), the better. Therefore, ensure that you automatically (because it's fast and error-free) send a digital invoice that your customer can sign immediately. With MICE, you generate the invoice with just one click! Also, nice for you!

The end is not the end
Always do a follow-up! Ask for feedback (tip: also do that with automatic messages!), share a photo report on social media, or send a gift afterward! Feedback is not only valuable for making your company even better, but it's also proof to your customer that you take them seriously. With social media, you can advertise both your own location and your customer's event, and those warm memories strengthen the customer relationship! And a thank-you in the form of a gift (read: a physical memento!) always works well. The invoice is not necessarily the most pleasant moment to have as the last memory of the collaboration. ;)

MICE Operations does everything to be not only the event software of today but also that of the future. We never stand still: every day we work hard to get even better. With our unique combination of employees from the event industry and IT specialists, we are always well-informed and on top of the trends. Unique quotes, an online inquiry module, automatic messages? We make it possible.

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