Our core values

Working at some of the best venues in the business and seeing the same problems pop up everywhere inspired us to take action and create MICE Operations. Because we love the hospitality industry and have some great ideas to make it even better. They're the kind of ideas that will make the life of event planners and location managers everywhere a lot better and simpler.

After speaking to dozens of them while creating our suite of powerful tools we're now sure we made those ideas reality.

These are the values that are important for us and still give us focus every day:

Increase client involvement

Clients want to be involved in planning their event, and surely they should be! However, giving them more control shouldn't mean you'll be losing it. Instead, it should give you a chance to go that all-important extra mile for them.With MICE Operations your clients can see how their event is coming along any time of day, post comments on any part of the event and send messages to whomever you put in charge of planning their event. Want to go the extra mile? You'll be going the distance!

A quick fix

Clients browsing to book their event don't want to call a paid number, talk to an automated system, request a brochure that will arrive within 3 to 28 weeks, send in a postcard with their wishes in threefold just to receive information about booking an event. Instead, we should give them the quickest fix possible: a tool where they can check, pick and request the event of their dreams. All without breaking a sweat. So we built the MICE Operations E-ventplanner. It shows them all you have to offer, they can see the estimated costs and possibilities for all their wishes, and they can book and receive a proposal instantly.

Instant feedback

In the good old days, clients discussed any adjustments for an event through the phone or email without confirmation of changes that were made. They'd just have to wait and see if person A told person B that person C had to do this instead of that. However, the future is here! With MICE Operations the client can rely on his senses again because they can see every adjustment you make to their event. They feel in charge, you're in control, and that's how it should be.

Show them what you’ve got

You shouldn't put your clients to work. Still, you're sending dusty old PDF's with long lists of all your facilities, and it's the client's job to figure out which prices are for weddings and what the rules are for conventions. At MICE Operations we believe you should make it easy because it doesn't have to be hard. Our E-ventplanner shows only what your clients need so they can kick back, relax and sign your proposal as quick as they get it.

See their hearts’ desires

You don't get a second chance for a first impression. How good will that first impression be if you know specifically what a client wants and needs? It'll be love at first sight! Because your clients plan the event of their dreams using the E-ventplanner on your website you find precisely what their wishes are and what they can spend. Your first impression (and your estimate) will be spot on!

Event management shouldn’t be a desk job

You got into this line of work for the people. You wanted to see those smiles and hear the laughter. However, nowadays you're busy all day composing proposals, making adjustments and drafting schedules. When was the last time you saw a client in real life?That's why MICE Operations focuses on automating administrative tasks so you can go back to being who you are; a people person. Now with actual people!

The information you need, where you need it

Saying "I'm gonna have to look that up for you" will be a thing of the past with MICE Operations. You'll never have to check versions 0.3 through 6.0-FINAL again to find the promise you made last autumn about the new prices for drinks because with our tools you'll always know where to look. Get back on top of your business!

Instantly check availability

A client's first question is always if the date they want is still open and with MICE Operations' availability overview it's going to be the first answer you give. It shows which locations are occupied when and for how long. Besides, the system will auto-suggest a premade arrangement to combine it with to make your life easier.

Take MICE Operations with you!

Promoting your business at a convention or a fair? Bring MICE Operations and plan new events directly while you're talking to a new client. You can show them everything you have to offer and guide them through their next event. Done planning? Send a proposal directly to their inbox.

Crystal clear planning

Planning events is tricky business, all the more if you've got multiple locations to manage. All information must be communicated clearly, not only to clients but every one of your staff members involved. That's why MICE Operations makes you everything, from planning to preparation lists, automatically.

Be up-to-date

There's always something different about a new event. This client doesn't allow the use of spoons, that client wants all-pink table settings. Think of something crazy and event planners have seen it. That's why MICE Operations makes customization easy as can be and ensures all schedules are always up-to-date with the information your people need to get the job done.